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  1. So I realized what I was doing incorrectly. (For some reason) I did not extract the setlist from the .zip file when I downloaded it, so it was just re-opening HDEdit with it installed on the default 1st setlist. Thanks for suggesting I read the manual though.
  2. I have not. I have now downloaded the advanced guide (?) And will now be reading that throughly before asking questions. Thank you for not being an a**hole about it. I got my HD500 second hand and it did not come with the manual.
  3. I have a question. Whenever I go to upload the "(Bass Amps v3 Ed Saxman 16-Jan-2013)" It completely overrides the "Best of HD" Section. What can I do to make it so it doesn't do that?
  4. When I'm trying to calibrate the pedal, the value are 23-255 and not 0-255. What am I doing wrong...?
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