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  1. thx :) just played the first few notes in rocksmith 2014 and it allready sounds like music... sort of :) I use the headphones this way, I was just looking for an alternative to maybe impress my neighbours (if they want to or not!) with my caterwauling and posted the setup I found here to share it with other newbies.
  2. ehm... i just started learning to play the guitar yesterday! and as such I am not (yet) interested in recording - maybe for educational purposes to hear what i did there :). So I only wanted to hear what I play without using headsets and without crawling under the table everytime to switch my logitech 5.1 speakers from computersoundcard to the GX out. Probably not the best soundquality but this way it works fine for my purposes. I think this is a nice solution for beginners, to take the first steps without buying an amp a.s.o. but using the computer n stuff we allready have.
  3. I was searching on how to set up my PC sound options to using my PC speakers instead of a headset plugged into the pod (in my case POD Studio GX). My friend who recomended this hardware to me said he has it set up this was, but didn't remember how. So I searched the manual, the knowledgebase and the forum but found nothing. I called the hotline and while waiting, the recorded voice told me, that the line 6 pods can not do what I wanted, not without a cable connected from the headset jack to the line in of the soundcard in the computer. As I am using a 5.1 soundsystem, that "line in" is used as one of the "line out" to the soundsystem, so that's not an option to me. But I didn't let myself be discouraged and finally I found the option I was looking for! First make sure, you set up the software as recomended, so you have sound via the headset plugged into the pod. Don't tweak around before you have that, or you will never find out, where the problem is. Now go to your Soundsetup in Windows (7 in my case) and select the pod as standard recording device. Open it's properties and select the second folder (I'm sorry, my windows interface is german, there it's called "Abhören" which should translate as something like monitoring) and check the box next to "use this device as playbacksource" (again aproximatly translated) Maybe someone would be so kind and answer with the correct english windows terms are, or what to select in other windows/mac/whatever versions.
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