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  1. menpo77

    GC DT price drop

    Yeah I just got a DT50 212 from my local GC for $799 brand new. HAD to get it that price.
  2. menpo77

    DT50 212 correct speaker output

    By output A, I'm referring to the 4 ohm output........
  3. menpo77

    DT50 212 correct speaker output

    What about hooking up an 8 ohm cab to the DT50 212 combo using the internal speakers as well. From what I've gathered online, I would need to use output A. Is this correct?
  4. menpo77

    How many HD users will actually upgrade to helix

    I plan on upgrading to Helix for sure. That rackmount version has got me excited. Plus it looks hella awesome....