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  1. I have my Amp connected to my PC and I was using it as a monitor /input device while running amplitube 3 and reaper. The problem I'm having though is that it plays it's own sound on top of the computers sound. It's like when youre playing your guitar over music through the 3.5 input together only unwanted because I'm only trying to hear whats being played through the computers effects not the amp it's self. Sorry if I'm not explaining this right.
  2. I'm not having any luck with the Asio drivers and reaper (recording software) I have asio selected and asio amplfi beneath that but under input and output selections I only get blank selections
  3. I wonder if they could add a feature like that in an update and add an option to the app that would allow us to enable or disable the internal speakers it would be great for a monitor out if that were the case.
  4. I've followed all the steps, even flashed my amp back to the first update and then back to 1.0.1 and re installed the app, reset my phone's network settings and tried leaving my phone sitting on the amp it's self, I love this 150 but the bluetooth just doesn't function well. I can get through a song or 2 fine when just listening but if im jamming along i get drops every 1 to 2 minutes, It's frustrating.
  5. Ripley231

    USB port

    Are you sure though? While I'm handy with a computer and a guitar I'm fairly amateur when it comes to music tech. I've been reading up on midi though and I really don't feel like referring to music instrument digital interface as a connection for an instrument to a computer is wrong. That's what it's name implies and what it does.
  6. Ripley231

    USB port

    Got'cha in any case I want to be able to use it as computer interface to connect my guitar and monitor my recording
  7. Ripley231

    USB port

    I was hoping for midi support, I can plug my zoom pedal to use for recording but it crashes amplitube sometimes and my irig hd works well but I still need an external speaker setup for monitoring. Being able to use my my new amplifi as a guitar input to my pc while using the amps speakers as a monitor at the same time would be amazing.
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