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  1. Hey all....is it possible to make effect/mod assignment to all 8 foot switches? I understand using FS1-4, but, the"lower tier" just switches to a diff patch within the bank when activating them. Thank you in advance for any tips! Matt
  2. As someone who used an XT Live for many years, then switched to the AMPLIFi FX100 (because of the iOS capability)...I can tell you that you will be disappointed. After 2 weeks, I took it back and got the HD500X and haven't looked back.
  3. Hey Kevan...yep, I did just run to the Blues Jr. I kept the amp itself clean, no reverb, etc. used the FX100 for any effects. Initially, I was able to get very nice tones, but after those few episodes of "instability" (I really don't know what else to call them....other than one minute it's working gone, the next minute....not working)....I just knew I could not trust it during a live set.
  4. And I had SUCH high hopes for the FX100...just like my (second) thread said, out of the box, spot on..nice tones, easy to tweak, etc....then, as the next few days progressed, the unit seemed to just become "unstable"...I'm not sure what else to call it. Ileichtman (Line 6 forum member) started a thread with a similar experience. I kept losing signal to my practice amp (Fender Blues Jr). The guitar volume would just dump and become scratchy and thin. I thought maybe cables, so I swapped them out...nope, cables good. Amp tubes all bright. Plugged in my XT Live and everything was perfect again. This happened about 3-4 times. I didn't even try to take it to rehearsal....I just boxed it up and took it back to Guitar Center and upgraded to HD500X... Aftef that, there was zero chance I was ever going to trust this unit to play live with in a gig...I really had hoped it was technology was ready for "prime time"....maybe I didn't give it an honest chance, idk, but my (very) old Pod XT is as stable as they come, I would expect the same from a new Line 6 product. Now on to learn about the HD500....
  5. Just to throw in here and resurrect an old thread....I picked up an AMPLIFi FX100 about a week ago to replace my Pod XT Live that I've been using for the past 5 years....I really thought the iOS pairing and ability to make adjustments from my device (I use my iPad during my set running Music Stand)...anyway....I've been testing at home pretty extensively for the past week. It started out OK...I created some really sweet sounding patches. I thought it was going to be a nice replacement. Then the bottom fell out. Bluetooth pairing started to jack up, patches started to fade in and out, just weird "gremlin" type stuff. I can't trust it not to crap out in the middle of my set at church. I have read and re-read every thread on the AMPLIFi page and there are issues. I could prob work through them, but honestly, I don't think I could ever really trust it at this point. So....it's currently boxed up, and heading back to Guitar Center, where I will return and exchange for HD500. AMPLIFi FX100 is not a performance rig. Not yet anyway. Maybe someday. Oh well.....one guys experience... Cheers..
  6. After reading (and re-reading) the threads here, I went ahead and picked up the FX100 today. I figured if it doesn't fit what I need, I've got 60 days return option (GC protection plan)....anyway.... First impressions: Straight out of box, powered up, blue tooth paired up with iPad right away. Amplifi app controls do what they're supposed to. I haven't spent a ton of time w it yet, hopefully will use it at practice next week and actually use it live next Sunday. The preloaded tones are actually really nice. I'm anxious to mess around w it to creat some of my own though. As was commented on in my first post, there is a definite "lag" in switching between patches when paired to the iOS device, so I'll have to figure that one out when I go live....but over all, out of the box, this thing works pretty well. A little diff and will take some "relearning" compared to my XT Live, but I may just make the switch.
  7. Got it...thanks.... I may just pull the trigger on this. Thanks so much for the input... :)
  8. Hey ric...thanks so much for the reply....I was wondering if any feedback was coming! Anyway, it was helpful. When you say the iPad sync will cause a bit of latency, is that meaning if I'm sync'd and I try to switch from crunch to clean or straight to delay/chorus/etc, you are getting "lag" time before the switch is audible? Are you talking crazy noticeable?
  9. Hi all.....new member here. I've been reading the threads here for the past few days and they have been helpful. I was hoping to ask a few more questions to hopefully assist in my decision making process on the AMPLIFi FX100.... I play on our church's worship team. My main rig is a Gibson LP through Pod XT Live direct to board. I have used the XT Live for the past 4 years and actually love it. At one point, I briefly use the HD 300 but ended up going back to the XT (maybe just liked the familiarity?)..... Typically I will use my iPad running "Music Stand" to keep my music sheets avail if I need to glance at the road map or something. Here is where the AMPLIFi intrigues me. I like the idea of being able to make tone/effect adjustments on the fly from the iOS device that I'm already using without having to get down on the floor and start tweaking the XT's knobs/buttons...just less obtrusive. So, I've been reading good and bad about this unit. The good seems ok, the bad seems really bad. Maybe I'm not looking at things accurately? I *really* want to like this unit (the concept just seems like something I could use), but I want to make sure it's gonna work. So my questions are: those of you who use it, do you gig w it? And if so, are you happy w performance? Happy w tones? Happy w iOS utilization/pairing/response? Have you used other Line 6 devices previously and how would you compare this device with those? Thanks in advance folks! I really appreciate any input you guys could give....
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