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  1. Have you used the Aux input instead of the guitar input? That should engage the 5 way speaker system.
  2. My "best results" were not my only results. A mic combined with the line out is optimal, and lets you mix them to get the sound you like. I found the line out by itself to lack the warms and character of the mic, but you might like it better. Using the Shure SM57 is a classic solution that is time tested and hard to beat.
  3. The full AmpliFi series is listed in the newest Sweetwater catalog.
  4. You can store Four sounds at a time on the AmpliFi unit itself, which you can tweak manually when you play live. This does not require bring connected to a tablet. You can also use the the saved library of sounds on your tablet when you open the app and Bluetooth to your amp. That will give you a very large bank of sounds that you have downloaded and saved. As for volume, it is loud, but not 150 tube watts worth of loud. Since it is a hi-fi stereo amp, I get best use out of it in a band setting by using a microphone on the 12" speaker. That is when I use the standard guitar input. If you use the Aux input, you can engage the 5 way speaker system, but remember, the guitar frequency range is not wide enough to make full use of the range of all the speakers. Lastly, you can run a line out to your PA, if that is needed.
  5. I am using a Gibson J-45 through the Amplifi 150 and did some tone searches for various artists and acoustic guitar sounds to load into the 4 on-board A, B, C and D banks. It has taken some tweaking to get the volumes for each set so that switching between them worked correctly for me, but I think I ended up with four distinct and useable acoustic sounds loaded so I can do a live set without the need to bring my I-pad.
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