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  1. Ok i got it. I just had to change the expression pedal setting from PATCH to GLOBAL
  2. Hi all. So i've just applied the min/max volume settings to all my patches, using the method above. But i've run into another problem. Whenever i change patch, the default volume is always max level regardless of the position of the pedal. For example, i may be playing with a patch with the pedal set all the way down (in this case, min = 50%). Then without touching the pedal, i change patch. But that patch is always max (=100%). I then have to touch the expression pedal in order to get the patch to actually check the pedal position, and apply the level accordingly. It's as if the default level is MAX, where instead the default should be PEDAL POSITION. Can anyone help?
  3. Honestly not really. I recorded the takes several years ago, and then just shelved the song and the effect. At the time, i was just kind of stumbling through using the pedal, without really knowing how to use it properly. The pedal gathered dust for a year or so after that, and then i sold it and bought the Amplifi. I find the Amplifi much easier to use, so if possible i'd like to use that effect through the Amplifi, or even a plugin for pro tools. Thanks for the suggestions, i'll experiment with those effects.
  4. Bump. Can someone suggest another forum where i might be able to find this out?
  5. Hi I used to own the Pod HD300, and before i sold it i recorded a song with an effect from that pedal. Since then i have bought the Amplifi 150. I am trying to find that effect again, either as a plug in for pro tools, or as a tone for the Amplifi. I'm hoping somebody could identify the attached tone. More than that, can anybody make a suggestion on how i can get this tone again without purchasing another HD300? My notes suggest it may have been bank '13A Twang Gig,' but honestly i wrote that down before i really knew how to use the pedal, so i don't know how accurate that is. Thanks for any help Pod HD300 Effect.mp3
  6. Wow that would be a monstrous combo. Would love to hear how it pans out. So i got my amplifi 150, and have tweaked it a fair bit. Gotta say, i'm luvin this thing. I don't have a great deal of spare time (what with kids n all) to play around with presets, so being able to download other people's presets that sound like the songs i'm playing is a huge bonus for me. It has a great sound for a digi amp, and as long as you don't go in expecting a tube sound i can't see how you can be disappointed with it. Updating and connecting with an android device proved a little troublesome, but thanks to these forums i got there in the end. I've been able to save about 8 different effects into the user banks, and access them all with the FBV3, no difficulties at all. For my purposes, i wouldn't go less than the 150, but people just have to go in knowing what they want i guess. Very happy with it :)
  7. For those having trouble locating the Amplifi Utility, it has been renamed to 'Line 6 Updater.' Very frustrating, i know, as all the videos still say you need the Utility. Also if installing on a windows pc, you need to download the Driver as well.
  8. It never occurred to me to blend the mic and line out signals. Looks like i have some experimenting to do.
  9. That is my plan for it too. Out of curiosity, what mic do you use for that? I was planning in getting the SM57 for that job. If that's the case, why mic it at all? I only ask because, up til now i've simply plugged the acoustic guitar straight into the PA for gigs. But we're moving into electric guitars now, hence the Amplifi150. So given the choice between mic'ing an amp to the PA, or just lining out an output from the amp into the PA, what produces the best results? Thanks for the info.
  10. Well it hasn't arrived yet, so i gave them a call and it turns out there was a mix up with shipping blah blah. Long story short, it was sent today :( On the plus side, they threw in a free set of Elixer Nanoweb strings, so there's that. Will post again when i try it out :)
  11. Thanks for that, that helps. I've just bought myself the Amplifi and the FBV3 :)
  12. You mentioned accessing the tones with the foot controller... which one? What difference in functionality to the different foot pedals provide?
  13. Hi So i'm considering purchasing an Amplifi 150. I've read a lot of reviews on this thing, both positive and negative, and i still have a couple of questions i was hoping someone could answer for me. 1. So just how loud is it? This is difficult to answer because everyones idea of loud is different. One would think, being 150W, that it would be ridiculously loud when compared to, say, the 100W JCM800, but i've heard that a tube watt is not the same as a tranny watt. So on full, would it drown out an unmic'd drumkit in a room? Could you gig with it in a large room over a backing track? Is it similar to a JCM800 on (say) 5? 2. Can you play it without the tablet, and still get some good sounds? I already have a tablet for backing tracks and songbook, thinking of another for a PA, and now another one for the Amplifi? There would be more tablets on stage than guitars... (Would rather not use one tablet and flick between apps). So ideally, i would like to set it up at home with the tablet, but then save all the effects into the footpedal to use onstage, and not even have to take the tablet to the gig. Is this do-able? If so, how many different effects could you use this way? And can you simply turn the effects off with the footpedal in order to use other existing pedals (currently running a pedal board)? Any advice would be appreciated.
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