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  1. I have determined that it was indeed the usb ports. It seems certain ports cut out occasionally and some don't work at all. But I managed to find one and was able to edit and add a bunch of pedals to an entire brand new preset and saved it with no issues. I'm super relieved....I guess it's time for a new motherboard. Thanks everyone!
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    Sorry,normally in forums your post appears immediately, and I didn't receive any communication that it was pending or anything so I thought I did something wrong.
  3. I'll try it tomorrow when I'm off work. The cable is brand new, which came with the device. I have it plugged into the back ports. If it was a cable issue why would it work for a bit then stop? I'll try different ports buy it doesn't make sense. I'll let you guys know tomorrow.
  4. So I just bought this thing and I'm trying to create my own presets in the in the Edit application running in Windows 7. It works great, but for only a minute or two, and then the unit stops syncing and is locked on whatever sound I was currently at. After that nothing responds. If I turn pedals on or off, change pedals, change amps, the sound stays the same and I no longer see "syncing" on the device screen. If I try to Receive anything I get an error message: Operation timed out, Code 8000000000a When I unplug and plug the device back in it works again for only a minute then the same thing. This is unacceptable. Any ideas? Did I just waste a lot of money? Device is updated.
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