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  1. I recently purchased a Helix with version 1.04 software. When updating is it necessary to load a update version in sequence ? Or can I just load the latest ?
  2. I just purchased a JTV-69 from Sweetwater. Love the guitar . . . but also have string buzz on the D,A, and E strings only using any of the 12 string models. When I switch out of the 12 strings . . . no buzz ??? Any ideas ??? Tx, dant601
  3. ijapos, Have you noticed, what I would call string buzz anomaly on the D, A , E strings while playing in the 12 string models ??? Doesn't happen when switched out of any of the 12 string models. Don't know if it is something with the programming or the piezo pick-up ??? Guess I will pose that question to Line 6 as well . . .
  4. FYI . . . Sweetwater just posted an email announcing 36 month, no interest financing !!! Sure opens up some new considerations !!! Hmmm . . . POD HD500X !
  5. You missed the deal of a life time , , , on around 9/27, Sweetwater had 6 JTV - 69 SSS models in black that were factroy Dent n Scratch. I scooped one up for $ 700.00 and get the $150.00 Rebate too ! They were gone within a couple of days . . . Think I got the deal of the year !!! Only one little indentation on the back of the neck up close to the body. Otherwise just getting all the updates done. Had a chance to play it some . . . I have never had a Strat style guitar before. Very nice neck. Afraid my PRS SE Single cut if going to get a little dust on it for a while. Wow !!! Keep watching . . . the way the prices are starting to slide . . . I think there will be more price reductions. NAMM will be here before ya know it !! dant601
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