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  1. Thanks for answering! Do you mean better powers supply to my mac? how could it be better than the original power cable? Or can I power my UX2 with a power cable as well? Might return the product, can not take the fact that I need to record until my mac is low on power than wait with recording until mac is powered up just because of this problem. That's rubbish.
  2. I bought my line 6 POD studio ux2 yesterday and I can't get this crackling sound to go away, and it's getting recorded as well. It will disappear if I remove the power cable from the mac, but I would rather not have to do that everytime I record. When the power cable is plugged in the sound even gets worse when I move the "mouse arrow" around. I have OSX 10.8.4 and is recording with Logic pro X 10.0.7 Many thanks for any suggestions! /Nils
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