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  1. It looks like the LINE 6's intention to force customers to buy second DT amp :D Thanks so much for answer! :)
  2. Hi, I have got problem to set up channel B. I would like to have two independent channels A and B, which I can switch between themselves. I can set up only chanel A on the HD, and when I switch to chanel B, what kind of amp is it? When I plug my guitar only to the DT, it sound well! But when HD is connected, the channel B sound different, badly... Thanx so much for answer!
  3. Hi, I´ve got problem with set up the preamp on the channel B, on my DT amp. I would like to set two amp, which I can switch each other. When the amp A is on, I can set up parameters of the amp. But, when I switch to amp B, I can´t control parameters of the amp B by HD500. I have read the manual, but they talks only about controlling amp A on the amp 1. THANX A LOT!
  4. Thx Brassy, I send him message... Is here somebody, who is Line 6 service man? Peace.
  5. Hi everyone, could someone told me, if the change of a usb controller CY7C68013A need some programming? Or, is it only replacing of the chip? I can do it myself, but I need to know it. People in authorised service in Czech Republic dont know about that nothing. Thanks a lot for answer!
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