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  1. durs836

    FIREHAWK 1500

    I'm hoping the Firehawk provides all the tones I need but I do have a Bogner Uber pedal that I want to experiment with... I'll let you know.
  2. durs836

    FIREHAWK 1500

    Awesome... Ordered mine yesterday with a 20% coupon from GC. Can't wait to start messing around with it this week.
  3. durs836

    FIREHAWK 1500

    Can a 3rd party midi controller be used to switch patches? On the fence between going with the FH 1500 or a Victory Lunchbox amp with a bunch of pedals. I have a 20% off coupon for GC and the FH 1500 looks like a great value at $800. Also wondering if at any point they will start including or making available some of the Helix amp models like the Shiva.