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  1. Ok, I've done everything rd2rk said except "BIG KNOB on the Helix set to the default (1/4 and XLR) and it's set to 10 (MAX, FULL CLOCKWISE). In Helix Globals, set the Output for whichever (1/4 or XLR) to MIC (or the signal could be too hot)." which I will do soon, I'm just pushed for time and worried that I haven't balanced my patches and I'm worried about blowing my head off or giving myself a heart attack so I want to do that when I have more time.. Also I have the xlr from G10 going to input 4 as I don't have a female xlr to 1/4 cable to go into 5, but it has a pretty strong signal. Working fine, thanks for your help.
  2. I haven't been diagnosed I just say I have "routing dyslexia" because I really struggle with know and outputs, four cable method blow my head into pieces. I'm not thick, I own a precision engineering company involved in motorsport, I regularly work with the coefficient of thermal linear expansion and continuous second order polynomial function, but inputs and outputs just scramble me. I also get lost very easily, I can only picture the next 1/4 mile when I'm driving. If I tell people how to get to my house I usually miss whole chunks of road out (see that's routing lol). I think I may, as many engineers do, have some kind of dyslexia. Cheers Phil
  3. It's not that I don't want to listen to you buddy, I was just frustrated that it changed. It's working at the moment. I'm going away tomorrow. I'll have to look when I return. At least I'm happy it's not the USB hub. I've got a Line 6 Relay G10 already so I can try that. As far as I can see I can only connect my speakers to 1 & 2 as there are no other outputs other than midi. Thanks and sorry for making you mad, I'm no spring chicken, I ain't old but I've always had some sort of routing dyslexia and at 53 that ain't going to get easier. So you use the direct feed to Scarlett to record your dry signal? And the Helix outputs to 3-4 (I use 1-2) to record your Helix sound? I used to actually do that, then I swapped to Helix USB. Cheers
  4. Thanks gunpointmetal. I'll do that.
  5. Zolko60, Sorry buddy, I don't even understand the question. You mean using Helix and Focusrite? I like to use it how I use it, it works for me unless something oddball happens. I just want to be able to record my guitar playing which I don't really know how to do that well either, I just enjoy doing simple little things like this that I did with Ben Higgins (find him on YT) who was at the time one of the mentors over at the site that I learn on. I'm hard right in the mix. I also enjoy the creativity workshops and lessons and collaborations over at www.guitarmasterclass.net Obviously the playing isn't great, the production isn't all that good but I enjoy it and I'm getting better, here's a couple of my older ones.
  6. Man I feel so stoopid. I was sitting with my wife and I had a light bulb moment. I must have seen it and it didn't register, my subconscious has been working away at it for me. I dashed into my studio room and my embarrassing suspicion was found to be true. I am now self-promoted to supreme head numpty. How it is NOT working. How it IS working. Now which of these ASIO should I be using? I can't believe I didn't spot it, I never really thought to look there, I can't understand how it got changed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry folks, I really am. If you could just guide me to the right ASIO to use in that drop down that would be great. Cheers
  7. Thanks, going to Weymouth for a couple of days then on to Bournemouth for new year, both in Dorset if you want to check them out. Cheers Phil
  8. I'm getting near to a panic attack, glad I'm going away for a few days on Thursday. When I come back I'll do what I can. It really gets on my lollipop when things just change and you can't get it back to how it was grrrrrrrrr
  9. I really appreciate your time, I don't use plugins due to latency issues, that's why I send helix direct to Scarlett for monitoring. I use the Helix 1/4 out to go to my Peavey Valveking, For the record I play through my Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue with no effects at all, a good Strat or Tele through that thing and you're done ;) I was advised to use asio4all years ago, maybe that was bad advice, I don't know enough to have an opinion. There is one question nobody can answer. If everything I've done is wrong, why has it worked since April 2017 when I got my Helix? I had a Boss GT100 before that so things were different. I'm sorry if I'm infuriating you all and maybe I'm not explaining myself very well I just want it how it was before. It suited me, I had a back up computer that I could go to with the click of a switch until I had time to sort my music computer out. I work 50 hours a week, 10 hours on my feet a day, and only get an hour or so a night to practise and record my projects for the people at where I learn to critique. Thank you for all your help, I wish I could stay from scratch with lots of advice but my setup has morphed over the years into an abomination of cables and boxes it's a nightmare just to move anything. My laptop is used like a desktop so it's never moved and I use both screens one for Helix edit and one for Reaper. As helix is under the desk it's easier to see which patch or snapshot I'm on while playing. Cheers Phil
  10. I'm not insisting on using Helix as soundcard. I don't want to use Helix as soundcard. I've just sold a Radial Twin City AB Y splitter because I was getting exactly what I wanted before I went to the 2dnd gen Scarlett
  11. Thanks, I do have Helix and Scarlett enabled in asio, I'm using asio4all. I haven't touched anything in reaper or at least I hadn't prior to this issue. I left it set as it was with my 1st gen and that's how it's been for over a year. That's what is so annoying. How else can I do it if I want to record over a backing in my daw? I've only every fumbled along on my own so I've got lost somewhere. Thanks
  12. Thanks but there is a post few above this with screenshots of my audio control panel. Scarlett is set as default playback device.
  13. I just tried the desktop with the hub and the result was the same. I've just hooked the Scarlett and the Helix to the laptop on dedicated usb ports. Exactly the same result, the DAW playback is somehow going through the Helix xlr ports and into the front of the Scarlett, I know this because the halos around the gain knobs are lighting up on the Scarlett. It must be something in this new Focusrite Control but I don't find it as intuitive as the last Mix Control PLUS I'm a routing numpty. Not got any more time tonight to mess but any guidance left here will be much appreciated. Thank you Phil
  14. I've had them both through the hub with no issue for over a year, well the Scarlett is new but it was another Scarlett before. This issue only just started happening. Do you still think it could be the hub? The hub goes to a switch to swap computers that I've also been using for a long time.
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