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  1. There’s no convincing that you have to do. Just worry about your part. And as someone else mentioned, listen to the playback of the band and make sure everything sounds great. We went years where I was using a fractal while our other guitar player had a traditional tube set up. He sounded awesome, and so did I. It wasn’t until we went to in-ears that he decided to move to a modeler. That’s right after helix came out, and that unit really convinced him. And his tones ended up convincing me to come back to line 6 as well.
  2. Going into the stomp, I thought I was going to have to go exclusively 3rd party irs based on some of the things I had read. I’m glad to report that’s was entirely wrong. The stock cabs are excellent, and the extra tweaks available give you a ridiculous amount of options. I like running dual cabs, using the same cabs but different mics. Great times.
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