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  1. Using the Above instructions I can load GearBox on Sierra, using audio driver 7.6.5, will work with Logic Pro but not with GearBox. I can get all the presets from my POD X3 into Gearbox Hardware Memory window, but cannot edit them in any way - No amps, cabinets etc. The audio driver inside GearBox 3.72 did not work with anything. Any suggestions ?
  2. I tried that and got the result - incompatible drivers installed. Deleted Gearbox first I installed Line 6 Audio-MidiDriver 7.6.5.dmg first then open the Gearbox 3.72.dmg in Pacifist Gearbox was running but I could not transfer any of the tones from my Pod - Tone transfer failed Midi device timed out waiting for a response. any ideas what went wrong? Geoff
  3. Has anybody got gearbox working on Sierra 10.12?
  4. I've just changed from a PC to a Mac running Yeosmite and I can't get gearbox to work with my POD X3. As I'm new to Macs could someone run through how to get the software to work. I've installed Monkey 1.68 which found the POD, but no Gearbox. Do I have to uninstall monkey? Help!
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