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  1. Hi Some adjustments are understandable and it is fine if it is some reasonable level. In my case E1 volume is like 20% of all other strings. To make them match I would need to leave e1 at 0 and bring all others to crazy low level... It looks more like software or piezo issue to me to be honest...
  2. Hi, I have bought JTC-89F 2 months ago. (brand new) I am not sure if it was there before or not as I didn't have too much time to play, but I have realized that E1 string is much quieter than all other strings... I am not sure if I should send it on warranty or it is some way software issue? Global string level setup is all on 0.0 so it is not there. It is present on all presents. Can anyone advise?
  3. Hello, I am struggling to get the sound coming from USB on the L2t's connected to Line6 link of my Pod HD500x. I have the sound on headphones but there is no sound other than guitar on the L2t which is pretty annoying as I want to practice with backing tracks on speakers, not headphones. Is it possible to get it working?
  4. mariaczi

    Helix FAQ

    I would definitely suggest Line 6 L2t. One or two. It's working incredibly nice with all simulations from Line 6, and also it's easy to connect with Line 6 Link.
  5. mariaczi

    Helix FAQ

    Hi, Is there any chance to get 3D model of Helix? I have pretty nice idea to design custom pedalboard (Helix + 4 stomps + PowerSupply + Line6 Relay) but it would be really good to have 3D model of Helix instead of doing it by myself
  6. I am confused after your answer. I've asked if it EXCLUDE, and you've answered - YES, it contains all ... What will I get on line output from L2t? 2 x inputs on side panel + line input ? Or 2 x inputs on side panel + line input + line 6 link input...?
  7. Does someone can help me maybe? I want to connect POD HD500X thru Line6 Link with Stagesource L2t, and acoustic guitar to mixer input and POD to PA thru XLRs in POD, and acoustic thru XLR output from L2t. Does output XLR from L2t include signal from Line6 Link or not? Hopefully not... I want to hear both from L2t, but I need to send stereo signal from POD to PA separately with Acoustic guitar.
  8. Thanks. I think I will wait till end of November and if no update will come I will go with G-System as effect unit, because if I cannot achieve more with POD, I can get really better FX unit. Hopefully, Line6 engineers will enable us at least to use cab sim without amp sim - it will be enough.
  9. mariaczi

    Exterior Preamp

    do we have any reason or signals to have hope of it?
  10. Trying to explain: I'm playing worship and lot of times a cannot set my cab with mics to be able to use it in good way so I have to use cab just for monitor cab, but I still want to be able to use my tube preamp sound, because I love it. Clear enough?
  11. I understand, but e.g. Avid Eleven Rack have seperate outputs for amp, like balanced/unbalanced in POD and you can set up which processing is applied for this outputs. It can be acceptable, but this thing which I mentioned, that I cannot enable cab simulator for external preamp disqualifies POD for using with external tube preamp... unfortunettly because I would more than love to use POD with my tube preamp and tube power amp... but I don't want to lose possibility to use tube preamp when I'll play witout cabinet.
  12. I saw something quite close to it, but maybe not exactly: SOFTWARE: Split AMP and CAB in the signal chain. Why? It would enable us as users, to use external preamp with POD Cabinet simulation. I think that it is possible with POD FARM so probably it wouldn't be so hard to apply it on POD and it could help to increase buyers of PODs because it would be big increase of functionality. In my case - I have to think about it, but it(no possibility to use cab without amp) will be probably the reason why I will quit from line6 gear, instead of buying HD PRO and FBV Shortboard...
  13. I can live with that, but it is really not understandable, because it is just software, Line 6 could do this and it would be really, really appreciated feature! I have more important issue which I've realized: I cannot use external preamp with POD cabinet simulation? Why? It is stupid...
  14. mariaczi

    Exterior Preamp

    Is there any way to use exterior preamp with cab simulation?
  15. mariaczi

    Exterior Preamp

    If I will use this method, signal from PREAMP in FX LOOP will go to CAB Simulation?
  16. Hi! I am going to buy POD HD PRO (or X). It will be used together with Tube preamp and Tube power amp and with 2*12" cabinet on the output of power amp. Tube preamp will be in FX loop of POD HD PRO. In typical case it will be simple - guitar->relay g55->pod hd pro->tube preamp->pod hd pro->power amp->cabinet->mics, but sometimes I am forced to play into the line, but I need hear my sound still thru cabinet. In this case power amp will be still connected to unbalanced outputs but signal to mixer console will be taken from balnced output - so I'll have to enable cab simulation. Is it possible to get signal without cab simulation on the unbalanced output in this case and signal with cab simulation on balanced output? This is powerful digital unit, so it should be possible somehow.
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