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  1. Hi Dave, I fully agree with you. (In German I would say "I underline everything you wrote" - but I don't know if this expression exists in English :-)) Let me add some words: There are some guys who are saying that every user wants every update for FREE - to me, this is bulllollipop. As an example: I am using the app "OnSong" (for lyrics, chords, playbacks, setlists, etc.) - there are several updates for free (bugfixes, new features) and there are updates with special features that cost money. Could be an idea, or? If there were an update where the monitorsection can be adjusted by several iphones (like the Yamaha TF ;-)) - I surely would BUY this feature. The only thing I would like to know is, if there are any updates in future - elsewhere I would buy a different mixer. It is that easy: tell me, if there are updates in future (maybe the updates that I want the most :-)) or if Yamaha will dropp the M20D! There is one thing I don't want: To buy a new mixer and 2 weeks later there is an update with a lot of new features for the M20D. If the the development of the M20D has stopped - it's ok - but tell me. If there is a future for the M20D - it's ok - but tell me! That's all! I don't want everything for free, I don't complain about the price drop. I don't expect impossible changes. All that I expect is a statement about future of the M20D. Greetinx Roger
  2. Mmmhhh - imagine following: You have a car from company xxx and one reason that you bought it, was the abiltiy to have software updates. (No one is complaining about any hardware tunings - like "tune a car into a helicopter" vs. "tune an M20D into a keyboard".) Further imagine following - all other cars of company xxx get software updates from time to time - and the company also asks for ideas for updates for your car. And nothing happens for nearly two years .... :-( Other companies also sell cars - and the have lots of software updates: i.e. to lower the gasoline consumption, to have more ps (hp), to improve the ABS, and and and... I think it is a bit confusing if a company is selling softwareupdateable products with more or less continous updates and selling one softwareupdateable product without any updates except two very old (in terms of software) ones. For me it is as follows: I knew Line6 since the release of the first POD and I bought a lot of Line6 products (PODs, Spider, MIcs, ...) - and I saw that they take care of their products (take a look on the "Download" pages! - And most of these updates are full with news functions and features - not only bug fixes). Then the M20D was released - with the possibility to have software updates - and as I "learned" in the past, Line6 is constantly improving their products by software updates. So I bought my M20D (in the meantime I have my third M20D - the first was gone because of heat problems and second one because of the known output issue - luckily every change was in between the warranty time) - and though nobody promised software updates, I really had no doubt that there will be a lot of updates in the future (My fault?!?) I won't complain about this kind of "misleading" behaviour - the only thing I want to know (as I already asked in a former post) is, if there will be a future for the M20D or if Yamaha has closed the Line6-Mixer-Adventure-Book! As often mentioned, I love this mixer - but there are some features (software) that I miss (and that are mentioned in the "idea-box") and that other companies mixers already have. And this is the problem (and the reason for the "complain"): I would like to keep this mixer with the reliability that there will be improvements in the future. So, to all at Line6/Yamaha, all I ask: Is there a future for the M20D? Greeting Roger ... and 66d35: don't compare a software driven mixer with a 1939 Martin D-18!
  3. Hi, is it possible that not all service centers know of this fix? Here's my last posting concerning this problem: http://line6.com/support/topic/10197-no-output-on-the-left-side-until-and-some-questions/ and now it happended the third time :angry:. (Not only that I had to spend my time by bringing it to my dealer (Session Music, Frankfurt) and waiting nearly 4 weeks (each time) for the "fixed" mixer - every time I had to get a spare mixer (I don't know if it is the right expression - sorry for my english) AND I lost the confidence in this very mixer (that I love for the idea). A "bit" bugged out I opened a support ticket on February 16,: Hi there! I bought my MD20 in August 2012 and half a year later I got a new one because of heat problems. Now I have to bring this "new one" to my dealer (Session Music Frankfurt, Germany) for the THIRD time because of the known channel problems (first time channel one, second time and now problems with the left main out. - see my former posts in the MD20 Forum). Now my question: fortunately Session Music has a 3-years warranty - but in August the warranty time is over - what should I do, when the unit has the same problem over and over again? Is the service center using wrong spare parts? What can I do to have working unit I can trust in? I love this mixer but it spends more time in the service center then on stage - not to speak of all the efforts to bring it to my dealer, to get it back, to get a spare mixer for our gigs and so on. Do I have to dump it in September this year? As I read in the forum I am not the only one with these channel problems - what is the solution? Thanks for the answer in advance Roger The answer was: I am sorry to hear your problems with the M20d. I suggest to take it once more to your dealer and ask for a replacement as this is now the third time. Unfortunately after the warranty has lapsed it would have to be a chargeable repair. (Thanks to D. Schillinger for the answer) That was what I did last week - I took the mixer to the dealer and explained my problems. State of the affairs: Session Music has sent the mixer to Line6 and I have to wait (as the guy at session music said) for about three weeks or longer for the answer if it's really the third time (to get a replacement - or to withdraw from the contract) or if it's not the same failure and I get "only", and for the third time, a repair. (And to wait for September to pay for each following repair :angry:.) Not to be misunderstood - I am a fan of the M20D (if I only could trust in the "stability"), I like this forum and the the guys from Line6 in here - but I paid nearly 2,500 Euro for a thing that is more often at the service than on stage (ok, not exactly ;)) - and I hope everyone can understand that I'm a bit upset.) In the hope that I get a "good" answer from Line6 in the next few weeks Roger
  4. Hi there, here's my story: I bought the M20D at the first day they started to sell it in Germany - after a few weeks I got a new one because of heat problems (http://line6.com/supportarchivenew/thread/87180) - and it worked well the next two years. Then the problem started with channel 1 - first I thought, the microphone is broken, because sometimes the volume was very very low when singing - until I knocked very hard on the top of the mic - the volume came back and a few minutes later it was gone again. Later I noticed that I don't need to hit the mic - a very, very loud shout into the mic - and the volume was back.(I think there are some other user s with this problem.) End of August this year I brought the mixer for a service to Session Music in Frankfurt and after three weeks I got it back and the problem was fixed. Until now :angry: - all of a sudden there is nearly no output on the left side of the main outs (the right output is working well.) To check it I did a restart and then: While the media player played a song, I changed the cables, checked the inputs of the PA (KS Audio), and and and ... still nearly no output on the left side of the main outs - until (more or less accidently) I cranked up the volume of the media player to the the max - voila: the left side worked like it should. But only for a few minutes - then the volume was nearly gone again. It seems to be nearly the same problem as with channel 1 - the mixer needs a very high input to work again. I will bring the mixer to Session Music again - luckily they have a three year guarantee - but slowly but surely I loose the confidence in this mixer (I still love it - but the love is getting low as the volume :-) The biggest problem is, that I'm on the way to buy two Stagesource L3s and L3t - and here is my question: Will Line6 (or Yamaha) stop the production (and the the updates) of the Dreamstage? 1. It seems that Session Music as well as Thomann (two of the biggest music shops in Germany) won't sell them anymore - they only have a few remaining speakers and that's all. 2. The latest software-update for the M20D is over a year ago - and this is a point that makes me not only doubtful but really angry: look at the ideabox - lots of ideas, improvement recommendations, and and and ... - nothing since September 2013. I don't like to invest a lot of money in things that won't have support in the near future or in which the producing company has no more interest in. (And also the price policy ist a little bit strange to me - there is a german promotion video where they say, that the new price (nearly the half as in 2012) of the mixer is because of other competitors. I would stop to produce a mixer that won't bring me money - or are there still earnings, although the price is cut in half? Ok - you could say that Yamaha can produce it for less than Line6 - but what about the Stagesources? - they are still on a high price level. Do you see my problem: I love the mixer, I am really a fan of the idea of the dream stage - but I have my doubts if there is a future because of the points I mentioned above. I hope Line6 can take my doubts away! And one more question: does anyone know what happened to our australian member Ron Marton? He did a lot of very interesting and informative posts and suddenly there is nothing more! Ron - are you still here? Greetings Roger
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