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  1. problem appears to be solved... The feedback here has been very helpful. I believe it was a combination of several issues... some of which I can address. First, I was using an old guitar cord, it was not shielded & way too long for what I needed. second... My strat pick-ups are unshielded third... I live very close to several broadcast towers. I will not be moving, or replacing my Strat... but I did replace my old long cord with a new shorter, shielded cord and have not had the problem again... so far ( & Queuing up Steely Dan must have had influence too....)
  2. I have not used a "3 to 2 prong" adapter. However, I am close to several broadcast towers.... Good info & advice, thanks
  3. Yes, I tried cycling the ground lift and heard no difference
  4. I had the Helix at home and I was listening to it only thru ear buds when I was receiving the Radio signal. However, after posting this original question... it quit. I'm not sure what became different, but I was hoping to have info to combat this IF it happens while using for performance. That would not be good. My pick-ups.... I don't think so, if it happens again, I'll try a different guitar. Poor Ground.... I have more confidence in my homes electrical system than in most places I play, however, I was not using a power cleaner & I do when I play, so I'll check that to. No other pedals were plugged in.
  5. How can I prevent an FM station from bleeding thru?
  6. I used the two XLR outputs into our PA and immediately had a "Hiss" of noise. At first, I was Incredibly disappointed, even tried cycling the ground lift... to no avail. Until... I figured out that Phantom Power was on for one of the channels I plugged into. Once I disabled the phantom power, I'm happy to report that it's as silent as if it was turned off!... and volume increased a bit too! I love this unit!!!!
  7. I have the same question... I'm interested in using it with the L2t, thinking that may be the way to go?
  8. Can you transfer settings from FX100 or AMPLIFI75 to the new Helix?
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