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  1. Sorry if this is a dumb question! I sometimes use my L2T with an outboard mixer (Mackie pro fx). Is it best to max out the L2T main gain setting for max power amp headroom, or should I be matching that setting with the soundboard output? Typically I would run them so the board runs at unity gain and adjust the main gain input on the L2t to achieve the general volume I need for the setting. But when I've run other PAs I would usually just run the power amps at 100% for max headroom and make all the volume adjustments at the board. Should I be doing the same with the L2t? I know, dumb question I guess.
  2. Having mine done locally this week by an authorized Line 6 repair guy. He got the fan from them and will replace it in my L2t. I'm hoping for similar results. The rattle playing E, F and F# on the D string is amazingly loud and more than annoying!!! Someone from Line 6 referred to the problem as something minor that required close listening near the panel. Not so! You can hear it as loud as the music from across the room! Unacceptable as is. Paul
  3. Thanks! I'm working on that now. I'll be interested to learn if anyone else has the feedback suppression problem you describe.
  4. I have the same issues with mine, as well as a VERY annoying and loud buzz/rattle when I play E or F on my D string at moderate to loud volumes. I'm currently trying to get both problems addressed under warranty. The buzz emanates from the rear electronics panel. Paul
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