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  1. Oh really. Thanks for the answer. I need a buffer so I guess I'm keeping the boss.
  2. Hi purchasing this pedal and i was wondering if it has a buffer. If so i can send back my boss tu-3 which i recently purchased.
  3. Same as me bud wont update via pc or android just impossible
  4. if you get this error resign into your app. For the update mate plug the ipad into charge.
  5. I tried multiple times and i could never get it to update via android or pc. The only way is iphone but make sure to plug it in to power and you will be done in 30 minutes trust me.
  6. Hi can anyone point me in the right direction for inexpensive recording software. I downloaded garageband last night and it loaded my computer up with spyware so i had to do a full re install of windows. I'm only playing guitar for 6 months and i have never heard a playback of myself.
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