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  1. Yes, if only I had kept that info! Nothing regarding the brightness issue? - these are Line 6 combo amps and speakers
  2. I've just done the upgrade - not even played with snapshots - but sounds great. However, after reloading my old sounds, I've found a number are extremely bright. Not all of them. And as an aside, I think the Global EQ is different too. (can you save Global EQ??) Anyhow, Matchstick Ch1, Is now way brighter - might be a plus in the end, but a pain right now! Essex A15 - again - very bright - using the combo with 1x12 Bluebell. Are the IR's changed? And talking about that! I have a pile of IRs- but when I reloaded them, they came in in alphabetical order (how the directory was) - so I have to figure out which ones I was using - did I do something stupid there? Ok - over to the wise! Do I need to rebuild 3/4 of my sounds?
  3. I don't know how Line 6 made their cabs, but I've tried a number or IRs - mostly Ownhammer - and they sound better - which is interesting considering you don't have much control. The idea that's going around that IRs can do much more - like make a good acoustic simulation - makes IRs an interesting topic.
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