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  1. Nope. Using the headphones works 100%. also if I use a power conditioner then it is also silent. So it seems it is a ground loop. Strange that it hums with the tempo .
  2. The POD was connected to a Macbook Pro, removing the power cord did not change anything, but removing the usb did.
  3. Thanks hurghanico I removed the USB and now it is silent, but now my question is how do I use the POD for recording then? Do I just disconnect it from the PA system and use headphones ?
  4. All the patches do that. Its not just one. In this case its an acoustic one. I just turned up the volume so you can hear it.
  5. Hi. My POD HD 500 X has a hiss noise and its hums to the tempo of the tap tempo. Why would it do this and how do I fix it ? Here is a video that shows what it does. https://youtu.be/mFg8CBlv940
  6. I agree. It is very affective. I think I should just group together my songs so I go down the patch list 4 at a time. I don't think I would need to have more than 4 effects to switch on and off anyway so no big problem there. I just need to get use to the workflow of the POD. I use a G-System with a Mesa head with an Amp Gizmo on my analog rig and everything changes with one foot switch, it is the same as the ABCD mode so all should be the same and familiar if I switch to this mode. Thanks all for your valuable input.
  7. Thank you for that. Yes I know I can move them around. I have done that. So this means I can have only 4 patches to go to by pressing 1 button. I will still have to move to the set of 4 where the patch is I am looking for. Also what happens if I use a patch that somebody else assigned one of those 4 (ABCD)to a item in the chain. Does it just not work? Pity you can not move between the 2 modes on the fly as that would give you flexibility to choose a tone and guitar with one button. and then while you play move the mode so you can control effects items in the chain. Guess you can not have your cake and eat it ;-) Thanks again for the help.
  8. Hi all. I am new to the POD world. I have a POD HD 500X and will be getting a Variax Standard as soon as they come available. I have a question that may be simple to answer. I see a lot of people in videos change patches and guitars with one button on the controller (The 6 foot ninja demo's), but if I want to change a patch I have to hit the up or down buttons first to show the 4 patches I can choose from and then hit the button that corresponds to the patch I want (that is if the patch is close enough to show on the screen, else I have to scroll up or down to the one I want). If I wait to long it will go back to the patch and then all the buttons control items in my patch chain. So my question is this. I want to move between the 2 modes. Either changes patches with out having to hit the up and down arrows. This will change amps effects and guitar as set-up in the patch Or go to the mode where I stay in one patch and I control the chain items. Is this possible and if so how do I do that ? Kind Regards.
  9. Phil thank you so much for the help. Yep it sucks using the PRS Studio. Will have to get a Variax then ;-)
  10. Aaaa thanks man. This took support 1 week to tell me it is not their problem.
  11. OK I see that there is a Variax selected. If you do nit connect a Variax does the patch work with a normal guitar or not?
  12. hi. I hope somebody can help me as support does not feel it is their problem. I downloaded this patch for my 500X. The Summer of 69. http://line6.com/customtone/tone/217410/ but when i select it I hear no sound. I am new to the POD so maybe I am missing something. Could somebody please check and let me know what I am missing as support is not very helpful.
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