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  1. Thanks Uber Guru for the reply. I'm pretty much a novice on the POD still. I've only owned it for about a month now. I'm guessing the audio quality would be good considering it would be passed to the audio output. I wouldn't expect much 'coloring' of the sound used in that way. Sounds like I can safely save a lot of money since I really have no major use for another audio interface. When I do record, it's only for fun anyway so having an improved DAC onboard really isn't necessary. The only thing I'll have to figure out then is how to set the levels properly between the AUX input of the POD and the output of the vocal effects pedal so they play nice together. Thanks for the help!
  2. Hello Everyone, Hopefully this hasn't been answered many times, so I apologize if it has... I own the POD HD500X and recently bought a new guitar (ES-339). I started messing around with running a vocal mic and the guitar into the POD and splitting channels. The results are good, but there are some songs that the lack of DSP on the guitar side has me itching for a little better quality that I'd normally get if the other channel's effects weren't being used for vocals. So here's my question: After demo'ing a BOSS VE-20 Vocal Effects pedal, I was pretty impressed with the quality. I've decided to buy it and the only thing I have left to consider is how to set it up with my POD. I'm just a bedroom musician and I use my POD as the audio interface for direct recording into my DAW. SO... I'm wondering will the AUX or CD input on the POD be a good/very good way to mix in a vocal effects pedal or will I be much better off buying another audio interface and plugging the POD and the Vocal pedal into it? I'd like to save some money and skip buying another interface, but it is important to me that I be able to do vocals and guitar at the same time. Most nights practicing now are spent playing along with a song on YouTube and singing and playing along with it. I have a blast doing that and I'm just hoping to get the best quality possible. If anyone could help answer this question I'd be extremely grateful. The difference here being an extra $150-400 out of my pocket for an audio interface I may not need. So here's a pre-thanks for taking the time to read and answer. :)
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