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  1. My bandmate is coming over to record tonight. When we get to the guitar parts, we'll just sit hear, staring at my cold dead brick of an Amplifi 150. Line 6, hear me now and believe me later... you guys GOTTA MAKE A DESKTOP VERSION OF THE AMPLIFI REMOTE SOFTWARE. Amiright or amiright? Yeah Imaright.
  2. Holy crap seriously my Amplify 150 is a BRICK until they fix the software?!?!?!?! Firstly, my recommendations to others of this amp now comes with a HUGE warning. Secondly, Line 6, release a desktop version of the remote so that all of your customers aren't SOL on Apple's whim. Lastly, fix this shiz! :) I'll keep checking the App Store....
  3. Macintosh PowerBook, Reason, also get a strange crackling when using my Amplifi 150 as a USB recording and playback device. :(
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