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  1. cgabell

    Fbv2 (2 Button) Footswitch And Amplifi?

    I tried the FBV2 switch with my Amplifi 150 and also had unreliable results, it sometimes switched first time to one of the other tone channels, but took upto 11 presses other times. Shame.
  2. cgabell

    Amplifi 150 headphones Out into pa mixer?

    Hi, Interested to know what the best way to take the Amplify into a mixer. I get from this thread that using the headphone jack is the only way. Using a Mic in front of the speaker would likely be unsuccessful in a live situation given that there are 10 speakers to deal with and given that any distance between the mic and amplify would result in ambient noise leaking in. But as Jim mentions above, do we loose the stereo signal at that point? Craig