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  1. Hey how does he have it plugged in? I would like to add a 212 cab to my 212 combo. Is it a 16 ohm cab? Thanks for the help!
  2. Yes, we've cleared that. What does he do to it to modify it. Lol
  3. Does anyone know what he does to the pcb?
  4. I know this question has probably been ran into the dirt. But I cant really find a good/ correct answer on it. I LOVE my SVmki 212. I would like to add a closed back Orange Cab 212. The Cab is Rated for 16ohms. (thats all it says...) Is is possible to plug this in and use along with the 212s in the combo? So I can have a closed back cab with a little more bottom end and the open combo? Thanks!
  5. I just got a SVMKI 212. I would love some more info on if this mod would be available again! Thanks!
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