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  1. This is the Variax Standard into Ibanez RG transplant I did with Graphtech Ghost floyd bridge. My problem - Variax Standard nut width is way too narrow for me. I 3D printed router templates for the job and the new cavity covers I needed - I even routed the guitar so the output connectors don't stick out the side of the guitar (line 6, you should really do this, it's so much better than having a black plastic plate sticking out). I ditched the "surrounds" for the lit knobs and instead used a "fibre optic" glass tube from the LED up to the knob - I think it looks better. The humbucker mags don't seem to cause me any problems, it's been like this for a long time, running with a Helix. What I'd *really* like to do it move all the Variax "guts" to an external box so I can non-destructively add Variax to another Floyd guitar (a Washburn N4 in this case) so I'm looking into options for running the piezo wires long to a "Variax box" on the floor.
  2. I've transplanted Variax Standard electronics into an Ibanez RG (nut is too narrow for me on the Standard, I learned my preference on string spacing way too late) which involved replacing the bridge. It's not simple, but it's not rocket science. i.e. if you really want a lefty variax, build it.
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