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  1. Hi Romdos, I too am looking to have Variax Jtv59 guts into an Epi  les Paul. Do you know of any luthier that has experience? 
    thx, dave


  2. Oyster, have you done a jtv conversion? Or know of anyone who does this? I’m looking to transplant Jtv59 guts into an Epi les Paul. It’s weird, there’s a guy in Germany, Costa Rica, Canada, but no pro luthiers in PA area that have done it or even know what I’m talking about. Thx Dave
  3. Hi, 

    any news on your idea of a variax jtv floor box? I need a Les with jtv guts. Can’t find a luthier for this.


  4. Hi SH,

    I have posted a question and got no replies from the forums,

    I have a Jtv59 and I just got a helix. I need someone to help me set up performance presets or patches. I need specific things, like bass assigned to separate output than the treble strings, thereby allowing a clean bass while having a processed treble sound. Does this make sense and do you know any pros players who use helix that do custom patches? Thx

    1. silverhead


      I replied to your post in the public forum.

  5. Hi, 

    did you transplant Variax into the 335? 

  6. Hi, Does anyone use the Variax tuning to drop the low E and A strings down one octave? I do, and it works great to enable bass lines under the treble strings. My question is, I’m getting a helix lt and my goal is to create presets with clean bass out one output, with say, dirty chords out a different output. I’d appreciate some feedback as to where to go for setting up performance presets, Are there any jtv/ helix preset designers who know what I’m talking about? Thank you, good people. DR
  7. Regarding the jtv battery, I bought two backups for $25 each new. They both work great for over a year to date. I know they’re compatible and I’m not sure who the mfg is but they were half of the line 6 brand cost I think.
  8. Hi psarkissian,

    May I ask you a general q. as I’m new to the forums. If you could please steer me..

    I have two jtv59s. Buying a helix lt this week. I tune my low E and A down one octave to play bass under the four treble strings. This works great but I need separate processing of the bass strings and the treble strings. How hard is this to set up on the helix lt, and can I route the bass sounds to a separate output on the helix? Thanks



    1. psarkissian


      Haven't tried that yet.

      Don't spend as much time with Helix yet, so busy with guitars.

      There is a Helix and a Variax Facebook group, and custom tuning comes up

      in postings every now and then.


    2. drryan


      Ok thx. 

    3. drryan


      Dear sir,

      May I be more specific in my request to find someone to help me set up my helix lt.. My general query has received zero responses from the forum.


      Do you know of an individual who has experience setting up presets?

      preferably a pro player that does it as a business, English first language?


      thank you 

  9. Hi Ben, I hadn’t seen your answers here before I asked basically the same questions in another thread of yours. Thx for the info. Dave
  10. burningyen, The finished conversion looks hot. What is the weight with battery? How does it play? Is the Variax completely working ok? What is the recipient guitar you have? I have a jtv59 which I like but I prefer a Les I have. The jtv neck is a little narrow on me. Would you do a conversion for someone else, and how much would you charge? thx, Dave Ryan
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