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  1. Hi Romdos, I too am looking to have Variax Jtv59 guts into an Epi  les Paul. Do you know of any luthier that has experience? 
    thx, dave


  2. Hi all. Can anyone guide me on how to use a Rocktron Banshee talk box with a POD HD500x? I can't seem to get any sound out of it by connecting the "IN" to the "FX Send" I don't need the return connected do I? All I need is the sound to get to the box then the microphone will take it from there. What am I doing wrong that is preventing any sound making it to the Banshee? Anybody got any ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  3. When I wrote the post I guesstimated at 15 lbs but now it is verified at 11 lbs, while my 1980 LP custom is 10.4 lbs. My Gibson 2010 LP standard weighs in at 8.8 lbs. I can't imagine it's chambered at that weight but it is a very good point you're making about the hardware and electronics though. Looking at the back of the JTV most of it is routed for the electronics so that could be the extra weight. It might bump an Epiphone up into the same range or even heavier. I also don't like the fat neck and those speed bumps they call frets. (My '80 LP has spoiled me on those low frets) I bought my JTV on eBay so it's probably not under warrantee at this point anyway. I'm not that worried about messing up the Epiphone - those are a dime a dozen. I'm afraid of messing up the JTV electronics!. But it's not like I'm planning on altering the electronics. I'm just going to hopefully take out a bunch of screws to get it out. My main concern is the bridge - stud spacing, etc. If I use that wide Variax bridge then it might look weird with a tailpiece so close to it. Since I hate the neck the most, it might be less work to just rework the JTV and put in some wide, low frets and sand down the neck a bit for a better feel. Thanks for the thoughtful response!
  4. I am wanting to do something similar. I have a JTV59, the LP type and want to put the electronics into an Epiphone LP since the Variax guitar weighs like 15 pounds. I don't want to make any mods to the Variax stuff or change pickups. I literally wanna take out the Variax guts from the JTV and place them into an Epiphone LP. I realize I will have to route the back and all that, but I really don't see how I should have the problems all the naysayers on here are talking about. Granted the wood is different than the lead-impregnated wood Line 6 is using, so I expect there could be some change in tone, but my back will appreciate it so much that I'm not worried about it. Anybody got comments? Thanks in advance.
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