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  1. Hello once again, I'm looking for tips and tricks for the Spider IV 75. Loving the amp, great sounds, my one BIG issue is volume.....Dont get me wrong, the amp is plenty loud, thats not the issue I'm having. Is there ANY way to normalise the volume level for patches? For instance when I play "she sells sanctuary" The intro uses a cleanish tone with delay, then switches to a grittier sound. I tried to use the same patch copied to 2 locations and tried just switching off the delay and switching amp models (class A to metal), but found there is a massive jump in volume, I know there was a way to find out the individual patch volume on the spider III but I'm lost here lol. Is it just a case of having to sit there and tweak the volume settings for each patch? ANY tips and info you can supply would be great, many thanks in advance. :)
  2. Mnay thanks, although I knew about the toe switch, this one was VERY stiff, hence my thinking it was operated by other means lol thx :)
  3. I have just got hold of a spider IV 75 and FBV express (not MKII) and have a couple of questions. On the FBV it has 2 led's WAH and VOL.....Does this mean the pedal can be assigned to the wah effect or volume depending on the patch? I know there is an auto-wah on the IV but didnt know about using the pedal....Great amp by the way, finally getting rid of my Fender FM65R and HD500!
  4. When looking for a particular tone (especially an artist's "sound" I find that youtube is a great place to start. Look at what effects the artist uses and then try to replicate that on your amp....odds on you can get pretty close. BUT remember that a great deal of the artists tone comes from the fingers/technique so give it some leeway :)
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