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  1. I'm having trouble getting two amps to work on my POD HD500x. You can see my setting from the attached pics...can someone tell me where I am going wrong??
  2. So what I mean is let's say that I only use one compressor effect and I use it 99% of the time, it sure would be nice to save that effect already setup with my custom settings and just drag and drop it into my signal path...instead of grabbing the default one and having to set it up each time.
  3. I'm 54, gigged around San Diego last 15 years...started around 20 sumpin'
  4. Glenn I'm hoping you would help answer probably a noob question. I'm going to be playing in our worship band and using a standard strat (not variax) and going straight into the sound system via xlr (using in-ear monitors). In your opinion what should my input and output hd500x settings be? And would these settings include your global eq's?
  5. I find your patches dead spot on and thank you for sharing them with us all. It is "always" good to see how another artist interprets the same software that you also have. Peace
  6. Awesome. At least now I know I'm not going mad! :)
  7. When I use the tuner is it sending an audible signal in any of the outputs?? I ask because when I am wearing headphones I'm hearing a tone when I use the tuner (and yes I'm positive I'm not just hearing my guitar through the headphones). Thanks!
  8. For those of us with tin ears who rely on visual ques to assist with our "hearing" :) it would be nice if there were some graphs that would show the bandwidth for all of the EQ's. Specifically the Q seems a bit of a mystery to me, I would like to know at "x" setting the graph looks like this, and at another "x" it now looks like this. Sorry, my ears have always been somewhat of a hindrance.
  9. When I was gigging around San Diego our first song was always a "dunta dunta" (srv) and had our singer go into the crowd and point up and down at certain players to get our overall instrumental mix right, also got the willies out of our system too....then we were good to go. Then the bassist would drift out during the first song to get the vocal level right. Simple but it worked. lol.
  10. DarkEdge

    Why Global EQ?

    I'm just curious as to why someone would use the new global eq in a real world situation? Are you adjusting to the room you are playing in? Is it because the sound/mixing board you are going into is tone sucking your stuff? How do we turn it On and Off? Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the name clarifications Brue...sometimes (often!) the cryptic names elude me.
  12. Yes, I want to thank everyone for pitching in here...I definitely learned a thing or three. :)
  13. Maybe that isn't quite the appropriate title but let me briefly explain what I am asking. :) I'll be using my patches for a church/studio/mixer settings and I want all of my patches to be the same volume output so it is consistent across the board (pun not intended). I have a db meter that I'll use with my computer to establish my base volume settings. My question is what/how do I want to save my patches so that they are consistent? I am thinking that the master knob on my hd500x will be at 100%, leave the amp master and volumes settings as they are for the patch (that way the amp tones are the same) and I adjust the Volume knob on the board to match my db base peak level (??). Does this sound like the path I want to take? Will the patches recognize different board Volume settings? How do you all make your volumes consistent from patch to patch? Again, I have a db meter that I use from my computer that recognizes the output from the pod so that isn't the issue, I'm just unsure what to tweak withing the pod for consistent volumes from the outputs? Thanks so much! :D
  14. lol. hahaha...though this was a legitimate request I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the answers. :) Most interesting for me was the scope test proving no difference between maple and rosewood, though I don't buy that even for myself.
  15. To bv and joel...lol. I was expecting that. :P To all else thanks for your replies and very interesting replies. :)
  16. Now before you tell me to buy a maple necked guitar this is a serious question and am hoping for some help. I have a rosewood strat and am looking for eq setting ideas that would somewhat mimic a maple neck. Yes I know that the settings will not capture a maple sound, I'm just looking for ideas and/or best guesses. If someone actually has a rosewood and maple neck guitar with a POD500, that would be way cool for your help. Please don't throw things at me! :)
  17. Just trouble-shooting here: - It is possible that you have a bad ground for your main electrical panel, the ground rod may not be deep enough or thick enough. - I'm doubting that it is the POD (but anythings possible at this point) - I'm leaning more towards your equipment, be that a cold joint in your guitars electrical circuit, cord issue, wiring issue (again guitar). It would help eliminate some of the guess work if you could have a friend come over with a completely different guitar and cord and see if you still have the hum. If you don't have the hum then bingo...it's your guitar or cord. If you still have the hum then it's the POD or your house electrical circuit. Do you have a Guitar Center anywhere nearby that you could take your guitar and cord to and plug into a identical POD unit and see if you still have the same issue? If the issue is still there at Guitar Center then you know it's your equipment. If it's gone then again it's your house circuit or the POD. I really vote to get out of your house and try someone elses POD and electrical circuit. Sorry if this seems over simple but as I have been reading this the last couple of days these tests would help eliminate some of the unknowns.
  18. Is there an amp model that mimics a 1968 Plexi Variac? As a side note what does the Class Topology and Modes do for us? Thanks
  19. So how old is the house/apartment that you are plugging into wall outlets?? Also have you tried a surge protector (which has a proper ground plug for the wall outlet)?
  20. Whew...thanks! http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/pod/pod-hd500-hd500x/pod-hd500xhd500-pedal-calibration-r161
  21. Okay I'm trying to eliminate the "operator error" from this but I don't think my volume and wah pedals are working. I've rest the 500x by holding down the left directional button and powering "On", I go to 01A Son Of Plexi and activate Exp1 and there is zilch, nada, nothing...same tone as before with no wah. I turn "On" the Volume pedal in my editor and hit Exp2 with my toe and zilch, nada, nothing...sound volume is not affected by rolling the pedal. Am I missing something basic here or do I have a bad board?? Should also say all of the firmware updates have been added.
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