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  1. Hi. I have had my pod for about a month now and really like it and have learned my way around it, it's pretty easy to use. I have been using usb with my pod being the input and my audio interface being the output while recording with Logic Pro x. I would like to make use of the spdif and use that instead of usb, I won't get into why unless you want to know. So my gear is my 500x, a m-audio profire 610, and logic prox, I am using spdif now and it's working but I just want to know if I have it set up correctly. The sample rates match and are 44.1 and my interface is set to internal. When my interface is set to internal does that mean my interface is the master? And what should be the master? The pod or interface? Does it matter?
  2. thank you for your help i was leaning more to the hd prox, i will be ordering the hd pro from sweetwater. so when i get it, i will read over the manual. my recording set up now is very simple i've been using a mesa boogie mini rec wich i love by the way, and micing a 212 cab. but for recording i want to step it up and have more options available, the pro x seems perfect. I'm a guitar player and i can run my current set up and DAW but im a total noob to the new recording hardware out now. from what ive read the pro x can have to amp models at the same time, so does that mean with the interface i have now (profire 610) i should go from the left and right balanced out into inputs 1 and 2 of my interface xlr inputs or from the balaned outs into my two line inputs, would that let my record in stereo? and do i have the spdif connected at the same time? does the pro x alow my to play through my track recording with what ever model i want that sounds best at the time and after ive finished my take playback is dry? that would be so cool!!! no more "it doesnt sound right do another take". i really apreciate your replies guys, just talk to me like i dont know anything cause i dont feel free to tell me what cables go where according to what i already have and ill learn from
  3. Hi So I am about to purchase a line 6 pod 500x or maybe a hd pod pro x, don't know yet but it will be one of the two, after I get help from this forum on some questions I have. My need for either of these units right now is just for recording, I have a nice mesa rig I use live and I love my amp, but who knows maybe I'll use it sometime for live gigs. As for now I want to just record with it. My recording rig right now is a MAC using Logic Pro x with a m audio profilre 610 interface. I have been micing my amps to record wich is becoming a pain in the lollipop due to always trying to get a better sound and not to mention having to stop because family needs to sleep, I could play till the wee hours of the morning when I need to record something, and it sucks when I cant. So I have 2 questions. First I need to the best sound possible and both 500x and hd prox seem to be very similar in that regard. Wich one and why? Second question is about connecting it to my Mac. I use a audio interface that has two xlr inputs, two line inputs, midi in and out, and s/pdif. I know I could use both line 6 units usb into my MAC, but what if I wanted to use my audio interface, do I use unbalanced out into line input or do I use balanced out into mic input? Also the 2 mic inputs of my interface are actually mic/inst input that alow me to plug a 1/4 cable or xlr cable. It's a M audio profire 610 if any of you are familiar with that interface. I want to use the interface so I can keep my mic ready for vocals while I record guitar. What's best unbalanced to interface or balanced to interface or s/pdif, will I get any quality loss? And for what's the best, why? Thank you for putting up with my long question.
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