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  1. Guys. We are talking two different animals here. The dispersion, full frequency and reliance on smaller horns for the "stereo' effects" would never allow this amp to have the piercing throw and cut of a dedicated guitar amp. It is indeed not it's purpose. With that said, these days in anything but a small club and even there, the goal is to have an amp that you can realize the full gain potential both for tone, controlled feedback, etc, and mic the thing into the PA. The amp is an instrument and to play it right it needs to be fully usable without drowning out the entire room. The dispersion of a guitar cabinet is generally much narrower (tighter), throws much further while directly in front of it and anyone who has stood dead eyed to an AC30 from 50 feet away then walks off axis would attest to this. The speaker is also pretty much designed to replicate the frequencies that the human ear hears best 2-3K. This is kind of apples and oranges. For some this won't be a gigging amp. For some it will suit their needs. Personally I find Guitar Rig with 2 Mackie SRM-450's in stereo covers both throw and dispersion nicely. :-) The lack of XLR outs to a board in favor of a switched headphone jack is a shame. It would have been a small addition that would have negated much of this conversation and made it translate to a stage much easier. On a side note: Can anyone verfify that using the 100 internal patches with an FMV MKII Shortboard without bothering with IOS and bluetooth negates the issue of sound delay while switching patches? I really miss my Lexicon MPXG2 processor that actually allowed blends between patches, etc. Thanks.
  2. I need a little clarity on the Apmplifi 150 and the Shortboard MKII. So although there are 4 presets as choices on the amp is it my understanding now that the amp itelf now has the ability to store 100 presets internally that can be accessed via the shortboard or is it still requiring the IOS device and drawing from that? Is there still delays in sound while switching between presets? Is the tuner in the MKII accurate now? Thanks in advance for the answers.
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