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  1. Here's as an exclusive link to the next generation of effects processing :D . I warn you though, once you see this "leaked" version. You will through your current rig away :o . So here it is the next generation..... oh and one more thing..... it's designed for you mobile users in mind.....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DcqnkzGEFQ
  2. Nobody can hear you. They're all playing right now. :)
  3. drschultz

    Sound On Sound

    Oh, ok... thats what I get for skimming and not actually reading. Sorry about that I have my own "organ" sound that I use. It is a patch that has lots of sustained reverb with Leslie cab in the chain. I use the volume pedal to swell in the sound. A split path "like the SOS" would be a good starting point. I'll see if I can upload in the a day or so. Not able too right now.
  4. drschultz

    Sound On Sound

    I'll throw in my version of DG SOS. Of course mine is for the HD500 so you may have to work with it a little. http://line6.com/customtone/tone/222341/ Here is a recording I made with this patch. https://soundcloud.com/dans_music/crazy-diamond Good luck!
  5. I have the HD500 + DT25. I place my RC-3 in the FX Loop of the DT25. When I am using the HD500 only I place the FX Block in the last block in the chain. This means that the RC-3 will get my tone and if I change patches or toggle an FX then the RC-3 will maintain its looped tone. You will have to place the FX Loop on every patch that you expect to use the RC-3. Good luck!
  6. I picked up a TC Electronic Corona I placed in the FX Loop of my DT25. I also use a MXR 10 Band EQ since I really don't like the way the EQ is setup on the HDs. Can't answer about the JTV. Good Luck!
  7. When I hear to popping sounds from the DT25 it is always from the class mode or topology mode changing. If you have the same amp setup on two different patches then you should not hear anything. When using the EDIT program you have to remember that if you change something ( and not save ) then the EDIT will update the HD500 and the HD500 will update the DT25. Hope that helps.
  8. Hello, here is some thing I put up awhile ago that may help. http://line6.com/customtone/tone/222341/ Read the notes as it will explain how it works.
  9. Just a quick comment. AWESOME patch! I have a Jap Strat with the HD500 and DT25 and man does it sound great. Excellent job!
  10. I use this guy: http://www.amazon.com/M-Audio-Midisport-Uno-MIDI-Interface/dp/B00007JRBM Do not forget to get the latest drivers http://www.m-audio.com/index.php?do=support&tab=driver&PID=4f73c099681cb8ca6b0e91aca5d85b56&serie_ID=4#tabs And to log in to monkey: Good luck!
  11. I had problems with doing the patch to my DT25. I found that if I downloaded the latest driver for the M-audio device, downloaded the firmware file, logged into monkey, it worked. I agree that it's very picky but it does work.
  12. The pop sound is normal when the amp is changing the power section. Yeah it can be a hassle but I don't know of any amps that reconfigure themselves that way. I don't use low power mode much. Since the the firmware update to the HD500 uses the master control it makes the tone much more usable at lower volumes. I have not done a dual amp patch so can't speak for the other issue.
  13. There is more going on with the cabs than you realize. My understanding is that using the pr-amp on the DT25/HD500 setup allows for the DT25 amp to handle the power section (thus the tubes). So, you are not doing anything wrong. It is suggested that you not disable cabs.
  14. I had a tough time getting the update to take myself. When using monkey, make sure you are logged in. I think I had a problem trying to use a downloaded version of the update and not logging in on monkey. Once I logged in the update took.
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