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  1. I'll be looking into those! Thanks :)
  2. Anyone have a good recommendation on headphones that work well with the helix? I was looking at Seinnheisers. M50's?
  3. Thanks for the tip. Still need to play around with it :)
  4. Headphones I have are around $100 or so.
  5. Oh understandable. But what I'm hearing is a huge difference between his sound and mine. Like something is wrong with my Helix because it's just not sounding right to me but I'll do more tests later. Maybe I'm just too tired still :P haha.
  6. Stock pick ups. 498t and such. I also have a Ibanez JS100 that I'll try. Though my SG always sounded better through anything so I don't thing changing the guitar or pickups would make THAT big of a difference but I may be wrong
  7. What throws me is how the guy in the video I posted has the stock preset and changed a few things and got that sound. I've changed every I can and cannot get close in terms of tone. But again, I'll keep trying. I'm going to take one of my presets from my Amplifi and plug all the perimeters into the helix and see if I can match that tone at least.
  8. Let me get one thing clear. The sound coming through the headphones is great. The tone is what I'm after. Just that feeling of a Marshall is amazing. Very punchy. I love that and want that. hah. I feel like I'm doing something wrong here. The marshall tones all sound the same to me so I'm probably messing something up. Again, I'll play with it more tonight when I'm off work.
  9. I have not done that yet. That'll be the next step. I just want that great Marshall tone that that guy in the video got. It has that great sound and feeling to it and I couldn't get close to it. I'll play with it more and report back
  10. I'm just running into some headphones. They're a great pair of headphones for this though. I mean the tone the guy has is great. I can't get close to that and the headphones can't make that much a difference I wouldn't think. I'm also using a stock 2003 Gibson SG Standard
  11. I'm not impressed for some reason. I like the way the video sounds so I'm trying to get the same sound but I cannot. It doesn't sound anywhere near what this sounds like at all. Everything sounds digital to me. My line 6 amplify sounds better. Any tips to get the sound in the video?
  12. As soon as I got my shipment info, they were out again! haha
  13. My Helix has shipped! I've got tracking info! :) Finally
  14. Update. Emailed my rep and he says I should be getting an email with tracking soon. We'll see!
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