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  1. Thank you for everything, Recalibraiting was answer for my problem. So why this program work if nobody can use him? :D
  2. Okay but my WAH and VOL don't work. I can't change volume by push pedal and the same with Wah and once this worked. How I can come back to the begin settings?
  3. Hi everyone, I purchased FBV Express MkII and I want change settings on Line6 FBV Control. And here I have big problem. I can do new settings and save their in My Document ( on Windows 7 ) but I can't use this settings on my MkII. I don't see any options in this program which let mi save my settings on my board. I use this pedal with my spider IV 75. How I can do this? Everybody knows? Thanks for answers. I'm sorry for my English but I'm from Poland. :)
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