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  1. this was done at his place, we have identical pod hd500s, except his has some form of firmware mine doesn't. he's able to get better sounds out of a patch than i am through the exact same rig. how do I fix the problem with the line6 monkey? that seems to be the catalyst in my problem it seems.
  2. I have the line 6 monkey, but when i try to open it, it just brings me back to the installer. i dont understand why that happens. my hunch was it was naff because there was different firmware levels, but if i can't open the monkey, i can't update it :(
  3. they're both the same in terms of hardware. I've noticed i can CAB-EDIT his Tread-Pre Amp, but can't on my one? When i transfer the patch i made on his pod to my laptop and send it over, it still doesn't do it? other tones with multiple editing options work, just this one doesn't
  4. is that in the editing software? or is that hardware?
  5. Hey guys, I recently got a POD HD500. I've finally managed to get the edit software to open and change tones about. My friend got a pod hd500 before me, and I dialled his tone in. I tried to manually dial the same thing in, but it sounds terrible in comparison. SO, i took the tone, put it onto my laptop and send it to MY pod, it STILL sounds horrible. Whats going on??? Is this a software issue???????
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