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  1. As for myself I am quite happy with the mags on my 59. I chose it because I already have an old tele and a gibson ES-125 with real vintage P90s and I decided it was time to get a guitar with humbuckers. I played a 69 in a music store and I have to say that I preferred the neck but that is not surprising as I have always been a member of "team Fender." I am sure that folks who prefer LPs would like the 59 neck better. As for myself it is fun to play a different style guitar. Obviously we all have our own preferences but I think that anyone who loves guitars would be missing out if they didn't have both fender and gibson style guitars in their collection. I was considering an LP but the 59 gives me all of that as well as all of the extras that the modeling provides. If I had to find fault I would prefer lower less chunky frets. But that is just nit picking. And one of the unexpected bonuses is that after working out on my Varian when I switch back to the tele it feels like my fingers can really fly. Fit and finish are excellent and it is a lovely instrument. So all in all I think it is a great guitar.
  2. Hi, For what it is worth I just bought a JTV59 from Sweetwater. They offer 0% financing over 24 months so it is about $40 a month. Obviously it will cost more than the $300 for the old model. But it is an extraordinary instrument. In fact IMHO the guitar itself is a high quality LP style guitar on its own even without the modeling. I bought it for the modeling but Tylers humbuckers are terrific and worth the price of admission. I can't speak to the 69 and the 89 but I expect they are on a par with the 59. They are a bit cheaper than the 59 because they are bolt on neck guitars. By the time that you finish paying for upgrading a Squire you could probably get the 69 and have all of the cool modeling to boot. And 0% is free money.
  3. Thanks Uber Guru! That is exactly what I needed to know.
  4. Hi, I just purchased a JTV59 which I am having a lot of fun with. I have a chance to buy an older POD an XT Live. I have read of some issues using it to control the Varian. But that is not my concern. I was wondering if this version of the POD can act as a power supply for the guitar. I know that the newest versions have this capability but I can't seem to find out i the POD XT live can do this too. Any information is greatly appreciated. Jim
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