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  1. .......cause I'm the newest noob in this community. My apologies to everyone for potentially asking a stupid question with a simple answer without first looking through every manual and old post first (I'm a little impatient). After 25 years of NOT playing music, I bit the bullet and acquired some gear and am now stumbling my way though all of this tech. I've picked up an HD500x and an L2M and some recording software. By just following directions, I've been able to configure my set up just fine....but....I can't seem to quickly find the info I need to finish. The problem....using the HD500x as the interface, I can't get the software tracks to play through my L2M. I can hear it in my headphones along with guitar, but only guitar is coming through the powered speaker. So I'm assuming there is an output setting somewhere within the 500x that will send the Cubase output to the speaker and not just the headphones. Thanks for your help.
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