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  1. dmun1

    DT Tubes--is there only one choice?

    I just bought my DT25 used, and it has PM Tubes EL84s in it. I have no idea where they're biased, but it sounds great and is really quiet. I did a little digging on PM, and the founder of the company used to work in the valve business in Britain, and has spent the last several decades helping tube manufacturers in other countries improve their quality.
  2. dmun1

    Wow the DT25 combo is loud!

    @spaceatl Thanks for the input about the output! We agree on the V30 - I don't like the presence spike in them either. From what I've read, the 212 amps and cabs from L6 have one of each - GH90 and a V30. That might not be a bad pairing. I have a DT25 112 combo, which is a lot of work to swap speakers in. I'm auditioning them in a 112 cab I have, and when I find the right one, I'll swap it in. The trouble is, with so little clearance between the amp chassis and the speaker (less than a 1/4 in some spots), speakers that aren't built exactly like Celstions might not fit. I'll also agree that the stock speaker isn't the worst I've heard, but it's a touch too peaky in the lower mids for my tastes. So far, the only other speaker I've tried is a Celestion G12H 75th 30 watter. It appeared to be a little to the other extreme in the mids - lacking them a bit.
  3. dmun1

    Wow the DT25 combo is loud!

    Would you mind posting which speakers you've tried in your DT25, and what you didn't like about the original speaker? I think the speaker is the weak link in this amp too, and I have only tried one other speaker so far.