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  1. Does anyone know what size the pot shafts on the JTV-69 are. I want to put speed knobs on but can't find what size to get.
  2. Threetle, are you running Sierra on your Mac?
  3. Mine gives me a message that it failed to initialize. Line 6 does not seem to be able to tell me what the problem is. This is on a new iMac and a 64 bit Ableton upgrade. Everything else seems to work but it will not load this plugin and initialize it. VST does not work because it fails to load into a VST folder, there is no VST2 folder but it does show up in a VST3 folder that Ableton can't see.
  4. Has anyone had any luck getting Helix Native to run on Ableton/iMac? I purchased it the first day out, started a ticket and still have had no success getting it to run. It loads into VST3 that Ableton does not recognize and AU where it tells me it will not initialize. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  5. Having the same problem with Ableton on my IMac, the DAW cannot find the plug in.
  6. Me too. Opened a ticket and no joy yet.
  7. Has there been any information on a release date posted?
  8. I use the dream rig for performing and use my Variax & HD500 for recording. I have gone from the amp to my Digital Interface but get better sounds from the pre-amp.
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