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  1. Wonder if I can get a little help here. I have a G55 wireless system and the battery door is breaking down on the transmitter. I bought it back in March and have maybe gigged with it 10 times. Having a very hard time finding any way of getting this fixed or replaced by Line 6. Any thoughts or ideas would be great. I love the unit but the quality of it so far has been a disappointment.
  2. I am using the Firehawk now and although the iPad interface is nice. I am not sure it is something that is a deal breaker for me on the Helix if I decide to drop that kind of money on a unit. The user interface look pretty good from the videos I have scene, I guess we will know when we get it in the fall.
  3. Fair enough but I use wah so little its a waist of space on my pedal board to add another expression pedal.
  4. I think I figured this out. So you make a change to your patch and want to save it to the Firehawk. Hold the button down till it starts to blink (save mode). Then hold it down for a second or two. You will see the arrow on the left disappear. The patch is still blinking. Lift your foot off and wait for the patch to go out of save mode and your new settings are saved. If you hold down the button till it stops blinking it will now save. I never have my iPad on when I gig. To many things to think about then.
  5. Steve I have looked at the manuel so I am not sure what is meant by your post. I understand you can assign parameters to the expression pedal. The app will not allow you to assign just the volume pedal and no wah to a patch or vise versa. Like your post states the default is wah/volume and it toggles with the switch under the expression pedal. The problem I have is I have accidentally engaged the wah pedal when using the volume pedal a few times … I am just wondering why you can't tell the unit to only assign the volume or wah in your patch so the pedal is just volume or wah and it will not toggle with the switch.
  6. These are all good ideas but I must ask why you can't just turn the wah off in the app. Seems simple to me, just have a on off toggle in the app. Same with volume. If both are on the switch on the pedal is active. If one is turned off the switch goes inactive. My biggest issues with the Firehawk are things that can go wrong in gigging situations. Like the wah engaging accidentally or hitting the lower row of buttons by accident and changing the patch. Line 6 needs to pay more attention to what could happen using the unit on stage.
  7. Sounds good I will give that a try.
  8. I don't want to disable it permanently .. not sure why you just can't assign Wah or Volume pedal in the effects chain and only have the one active. If you want both than you can activate both. Seems logical to me.
  9. Anyone know if you can turn the wah option for the expression pedal? I would like to turn the toggle button off in most of my patches. I have been using it for volume and have accidentally pushed down to hard and had the wah engage in a patch. Get some good looks from band mates when that happens. Only what to use it as a volume pedal in most tone patches.
  10. mcbeddall I agree with you on the app. I do like to turn the app off during practice with my band to simplify things, it also seems to shorten the lag between patches a bit. I have tried what you suggested and that also does not work on my unit. I have tried almost every combination of taps in save mode to try and get that dang dot to go away and save, no luck. This brings up another question. If you have a tone you are working on either with the app or on the unit itself, make a tweak and then save it …. does it save on all platforms. Meaning if you save on the unit does it update in "my tones" on the app and if you save in my tones and that tone is loaded into the unit does it apply the changes or do you need to re upload it to the Firehawk unit?? You could end up with several different versions of the same tone patch if it does not universally save to both my tones and the Firehawk unit.
  11. Anyone else having problems with this?? I have been using the app to do most of my patch setting up till now and saving in my tones. Since doing the new update and having my patches roughed in pretty good I have been doing small tweaks on the unit itself. But here comes the problem. I can not get the patch to save on the unit. I get the dot next to the patch number when I make a change, like adjust the patch volume (pink LED on large button) but then I try to save it and cannot seem to get it to save to the current location. I can move it to a new patch button and it will save but that is not what I want it to do. So it is my understanding that you hold down the patch button till it starts to blink (in save mode) You then lift off the button and then re hold down the button till it stops blinking (should be saved) --- this does not work, the dot is still there and if I switch tones and come back it will revert back to the old settings. Any thoughts on this would be great. Getting just a bit frustrating.
  12. I love my Firehawk but after the lag issue mistakenly hitting the lower buttons is the biggest problem. I am really hoping for some type of lock setting for those buttons. Also how hard would it be to light the up down buttons for dark stages? Am I being greedy?
  13. I use a iPhone and iPad. Can you not use a android tablet? I think the whole point of the Firehawk is to get away from hard linking to a computer. If I wanted that I would just use a Hd500X. Right?
  14. I have done tests with my Matchless amp and find that if you select no amp in the clean amp choices it is the same as running straight to the amp from the guitar. I am not sure if it is "tru bypass" as they say but I don't notice a tonal change for this setting. I use it for most of tones and then use some of the Marshall amps for heavier stuff.
  15. I am assuming you can also update from a Mac?? Yes? via USB.
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