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  1. Why is this? I XLR out to the desk, am I doing it wrong?
  2. If you're disappointed in a digital recreation of something true to life, which isn't really the perfect sound, but a very close imitation, you're probably in the wrong group! :)
  3. He also said he "droned on for hours", that's definitely a clue.... sustainer? Hmmmmmm.......
  4. I said I bought it used and it didn't have one............ Thanks for letting me know I should have got one, unless I bought it used and it didn't have one.
  5. I'm hoping it's more likely that it is setting up the 3.2 update, which we've been told is linked to other line6 products. I think it'll be an 'HX Amp' line, where you have a power amp section and frfr cab with selectable tubes etc, to replace the powercab. Also PRS have changed their HX amp name to HDRX after conversations with Yamaha.
  6. Bought a used Standard, without a USB interface. Is there a cheap alternative or do I have to find an official one for stupid money?
  7. So when replacing the standards pickups (I'm doing it with texas specials), black is ground and the coloured wire is hot? But you have to swap it around for the middle pickup? I'm a bit confused by some of the above replies?
  8. Thank you for your input. It takes me 5 mins to download a tone and then tweek it. Then I can spend the rest of the 90 ish mins I get every couple of days actually playing. I can't pull time from nowhere to spend hours really getting to know this bit of kit (at least not while I'm working on COVID front line all the hours I'm awake) but thanks for taking the time to spell it out.
  9. Is this patch on custom tone? It's upsetting to me that I just don't have the time to dig deep enough into the helix and get my own tones from scratch. I have a high output Parker fly, and I want a clean to breakup blues time and I just can't get it! Drat!
  10. No, they're running guitar and Aux in 2 separate paths...
  11. I'm running a 1999 Parker fly into the helix, mag pickups in to the guitar input and piezo into the aux input. The cable is a stereo jack to 2 mono jacks. When in the stereo mode, where the outputs are totally separate, I'm getting a crossover between the 2 sets of pickups, even when the input is not part of the signal chain. I realise it is probably a bad cable or jack on the guitar side, but I thought I'd get an easy fix out of the way before getting the soldering iron out!
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