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  1. I was told that I'm out of the one yr warranty, hmmmm for the amount of money I paid it should have more then 12 months warranty. Still trying to get it covered under the warranty though.
  2. Wow that looks nasty. I've been waiting over four months to get mine fixed. Still waiting on a part from USA to arrive in Australia. Really disappointed in the service from Line 6 and Yamaha. :(
  3. With all the suggestions that people have been giving you would think they would have updated something but no. Very disappointing.
  4. Ive just had my m20d white screen after running fine for 2.5hrs. The touch panel still works but can't see anything but white. Thankfully I have my iPad connected and I can use that for the rest of the gig but no idea why and how to fix it. I can't turn it off to test that yet but aghhh
  5. Ok thanks. Have spoken to the local service centre today. Will follow it up and give feedback as soon as it's fixed
  6. any idea what the pet is so that I can give the tech an idea what he's looking for
  7. Tried it again today and it froze on boot up again didn't try the pots but none of the touchpad worked so I restarted it. After that it worked fine for 3hrs without fault. So the error code seems to be intermittent
  8. Thinking back I believe the mixer did freeze on boot-up so I restarted it and it was fine and then ran for nearly 2 hrs without any problems but then suddenly froze.
  9. The mixer froze during a show with "app returned with status 137" located above the main faders. Any ideas why? I had to restart the desk and then it worked fine.
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