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  1. I already did it, as told before :) swaping piezos connections, and problem goes to another string. So I can not understand a logic to buy a repair parts, problem is in electronic ... And yep, piezos onboard has a lot difference between each other, more than 6 db, you need to turn up volume of the most unsensitive and then calibrate others , and increase overall volume, sad fact. Tnx for advice, I left this issue as it is, not important to me :) But what do you think about native humbuckers ? They are pretty good to me, but I didnt compare them to something another yet.
  2. Thank's a lot :) But all those answers is like advices "try, maybe this will help .. " No reasons to check it at all, because when I swap 5 and 6 string piezo connectors, problem goes to 5th string, 6th string in this position, when it goes to channel designed for 5th string to the electronic - has ideal sound ! So it is no any reasons to check, problem is in the computer inside, I think this sound is notching in system for each string as usual, but L6 got a lot of non-liquidable electronics, which is unable to fix with new firmware. This is only one way I can explain this issue. But anyway I don't use electric guitar emulations, they are not good to me, only acoustic models, they are incredible, and I'm happy to play on this guitar :)
  3. I decided to leave it, my dealer sold it for much lower price. Reason is: - Strats and tele models isnt good anyway in compare with real ones; - Low quality of factory control(it comes with unscrewed nut and with piece of tape under, without tape 2nd string are on first fret. Even if I decide to change guitar and send it back from Ukraine to States, is no guarantee that second one will not have worst problems, for example bad neck ...) Real goals of jtv89f is great unit for shredding with good magnetic pickups, and awesome acoustic models, also maybe some hollow body models, without using higain, or disable body emulation can help a bit with that resonance . But I still didn't read all answers in this topic - what was a L6 opinion with it, only to change guitar to find working one at all ?
  4. Same problem, last firmware, reflash done. Does anyone knows is it possible to fix or guitar must go back to the shop ?