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  1. A decent guitar neck should not be in trouble or harmed being without tension while changing 6 strings not one at a time! That is what I think.
  2. I'd rather pick Kontakt 601 or Tuner Spray because of having issues with residues. Kontakt 60 might help just for a short time and then the issue would return because it wasn't washed out. That's what I've read in a forum about electronics.
  3. As I would see it: The B string is 80% not the G - Bass strings all50 G100 B80 E100 reading the above.
  4. Thank you! In case the tiny screws are wrecked and I have to get new ones. What are their specs, size or anything else to buy them anywhere. Imperial or metric? Thanks for your support!
  5. Thanks for the constructive answer. I'm afraid that happened to my JTV, too me forgetting to loosen the strings before. Anyway I'll try again and if it fails I will follow your suggestion.
  6. Thank you, but the one given to me for the tiny screws (back of bridge)seems to be wrecked-it slips and won't loosen the screws any more. So I try to get a new one. Therefore I have to know the exact size. I estimate something about 1-1.3mm or 0.05 inch.
  7. Thanks, but I aim for the little ones at the back of the bridge. Must be something around 1-1.3mm or 0.05 inch The delivered one must have been wrecked because it won't loosen the screw any more. It is slipping.
  8. Hi, trying to loose the small allen screws of my JTV59 I`m afraid I must have wrecked either the allen screws (the small ones at the back of the bridge)or my allen key. The screws very tight indeed. Does anybody know the correct size and if it is imperial or metric? An answer is very much appreciated.
  9. I have 20 guitars. I solely play me JTV59 because it is grand.
  10. Update! After installing the latest Workbench version 2.13 everything worked fine. No problems anymore. Thanks.
  11. I'm a lonely child. There is nobody to play with. It's a drag. So Trio+ is my mate!
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