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  1. I’m a video editor/late-night guitar player who uses an AJA I/O to monitor video & sound. I just assumed that I could take the USB out of the Helix, go into my iMac, set Logic’s input to Helix, and set it’s output to the same AJA. Nope - it’s obviously more than a latency issue; there’s a couple second delay, digital noise, etc. So far, the only thing Line 6 has told me is to set the output of my computer to the Helix and do my monitoring from there. Aside from the fact that I got rid of my analog patch bay, I’d like to be able to pick up my guitar while I’m waiting for something to render, and I don’t want to be manually switching plugs every time I do. And I’d even be willing to get the native version of Helix, but I’m using the built in expression pedal, plus two more, and I don’t see how (or if) Native will allow for that. Any work-arounds?
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    Has anybody had problems with AutoSwell not working? I'm using HelixX on my iMac and none of the sliders do anything...
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    Mode & Tap

    Is there any way to flip the positions of the Mode and Tap switches? It's just easier to hit the bottom row of buttons than the top row...
  4. Sorry, I'm not expressing myself very well... With the TRS-TRS cable the Moog came with and its switch set to Standard, the pedal goes from 0 to 100 to 0 again (or the opposite if I reverse Helix's Controller Assign); if I switch the Moog to Other and keep the Helix swapped, it works, but the pedal has to be rocked almost halfway for anything to happen. With a TRS-TS Y-cord using the gray (ground?) plug, the Moog set to Standard, and the Helix back to 0-100/Min-Max, even with the heel all the way down the volume doesn't go all the way off, and the Position indicator won't go below 20% or so; with the Moog set to Other, it goes the other way - it goes to 0 but maxes out at 20% according to the Position indicator. (And I am making sure to set the Controller Assign to 0 and 100.) Lastly, with the red (hot?) plug of the Y-cord and the Moog on Standard, nada. Setting the Moog to Other gets the best results, but that means the pedal is only responding from 25% to 75% of the sweep, and we're back, and we're back to the end of the last email. At this point, it's kinda turning into a malignant brain teaser. If you have any neurons to spare, I'm open to suggestions; otherwise, thanks for your help...
  5. Thanks for the y-cord info, but of course I've got a new problem - the sweep of the pedal only works from about 25% to 75%. In other words, heel down to the pedal about 25% forward does nothing, and it hits 100 with the toe about 25% from being all the way down. The pedal has to be set to "other" to work at all, and can only use the red (tip?) part of the y. I can use the pedal's volume knob to make it better at the end of the sweep, but than I can never got to zero; and if Learn Controller is doing anything, I can't tell. If this is as good as it gets and I have to buy a couple of ME's, I will...
  6. Thank you both for such quick responses! I wanna make sure I get this right: I use the TRS cable that came with the EP3 to go into a y-cord with a female TRS input and 2 male TS outputs and see which one works, or just a y-cord that's a male TRS on one end and 2 male TS's on the other? I bet I've got it wrong, otherwise a cable that's TRS on one end and TS on the other would do the trick. And as an old, cynical video editor, I know that Adobe only releases info to a couple of plug-in designers, who then charge ridiculous yearly fees - in other words, I wouldn't be stunned if Line 6 has an arrangement with ME. Again, thank you for helping a neophyte...
  7. I screwed up and bought 2 Moog expression pedals to use with my Helix w/o any research - of course the Guitar Center guy is going to say they'll work w/o a problem. So if I use a regular patch cable, they don't do anything. If I use the TRS that came with the pedal and the pedal is set to standard, heel down = 0, about halfway thru is 100, and toe down down is back to zero. If I switch the pedal to "Other," it works backward, but I get the full range of 100 to zero from the pedal. If I change minimum to 100 and max to zero, it cures that, but nothing changes until the pedal is about 3/4 of the way toe down, and then it jumps and fluctuates between 68 or 72. If I use the Learn, it just switches me back so that the pedal is backward. I am not up for opening the pedal and soldering things, so, am I completely hosed?
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