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  1. Just got one of these today and had the same issue. I've maybe played it 20 min but I started playing around with the deeper settings on the powercab and found that mine was set to a -32db setting on most speaker settings (including the full-range). This increased the output significantly! Not sure if this is a common global setting (mine was purchased scratch/dent so maybe someone had messed with the settings). I'm using an old-school HD500x but I was able to get VERY loud and, while I did have to turn the master volume past the 50% that I usually run it at, 75% was VERY loud. When I get a bit more into the unit I'll post my findings.
  2. *UPDATE* - I've been using my TS112A for months now and really liked it (notice the past tense). I recently was asked to play bass in a band and have been using my HD500x for bass (loving this) and, through the TS112A, I've been getting rave reviews on my tone. However, I played my first OUTDOOR gig this thursday past and, while the unit held up well, I powered it up today and find that I have what sounds like a fried voice coil! YUK! Currently on hold for customer support to see what they can do...we'll see! Well, after only a 20 minute hold, I got Rich on the phone and he was ridiculously helpful! I simply told him of my troubleshooting and he said, "yup, sounds like a voice coil". He took my info, I emailed him my amazon receipt, and sent me an RMA for return (I have to pay the shipping though). Customer service seems pretty decent. If my shipping is cheaper than a new 400W 12" driver, I'll send it back for repairs. Otherwise, I'll just drop something else in there. Unfortunately they are 4 ohm speakers...anyone have a good source for 12" drivers??? I might have to go from the car audio realm since most PA speakers seem to be 8 ohm in my experience.
  3. Thanks for the response, cclement. I got the 12" version a week or so ago and haven't stopped jamming! This thing REALLY brings out the best in my pod! I'm really digging the fender models again - these just felt "squishy" when run into the input of my old tube amp (that had no effects loop so no 4cm possible). SO many other models that I'm finding new love for. Plus, it's rad to be able to know that what I hear should be pretty much what will be fed to the board! I'm happy with the unit overall. Having the volume knobs on the back will be a pain but I plan on using those for "rough trim" and the master on my HD500 for fine-tuning. I like the 2 inputs - I can run by keyboard into it as well! The tilt-back monitor design works well. If they are still $200, I'd suggest getting one and trying it out for yourself!
  4. The 10" and 12" are both on sale at Amazon as well and I'm thinking of getting one! http://www.amazon.com/Alto-Professional-TS112A-12-Inch-Loudspeaker/dp/B005FUWTJU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1432052431&sr=8-1&keywords=alto+professional What are everyone's thoughts on the 10" vs. 12"? Looking at the frequency response curves, they appear fairly similar with the 10" maybe a tad flatter at ~120Hz. Reviews seem fine for both with one guy complaining that the 12" doesn't output enough power for him and sounds clipped. I plan on using them for practice and likely running my keys through the second input. http://www.altoproaudio.com/downloads/ALTO_TS112A_SPECS_B.pdf http://www.altoproaudio.com/downloads/ALTO_TS110A_SPECS_E.pdf Any thoughts?
  5. Traded-in my Firehawk for a HD-500x and haven't looked back! Pretty much everything that I was looking for and more! Tons of tone, and enough flexibility for me to do what I need. I'm sure I'll hit some limitations as I push the envelope but that is expected! Thus far any lag between patches hasn't bothered me in the least! I'm probably going to spring for an EXP2 pedal to afford more options in the future but a quick question before I do - is the connection 1/4" 2 conductor or TRS? Furthermore, if it is 2-conductor, could I put a momentary or latching footswitch in the circuit in-place of the EXP pedal and "fool" the unit into having "off" be heel down and "on" being toe down? Thanks for all the replies and I can't wait to get deeper into this sucka!
  6. I guess misery loves company Bond! Since you and I seem to be wanting the same things (and have a similar BOSS/Roland background) I'll try and let you know how my HD500 experience goes. I hope that Line6 can fix at least the lag issue with the Firehawk; I love the board layout - it's quite the sexy unit! And thanks to radatats for pointing me in the right direction!
  7. Cool and thanks radatats! Exactly what I was looking to hear. As long as I can turn multiple things off/on with a single switch this will fit the bill for 90% of what I need. Going to get the HD500x TODAY!
  8. Just got a Firehawk and I'm returning it due to the patch lag time. Thus, I'm either going to spring for an HD500x or a BOSS GT-100. As I am VERY comfortable with the functionality of the GT series I'm leaning that way but I LOVE my Firehawk sound - it just isn't a box that can be used on stage. The ONE thing that I'm unsure that the HD500x can do is this: I want to assign multiple events to a SINGLE footswitch within a single patch. For example, I have a rhythm patch where, when I hit a single footswitch, it turns my chorus OFF, my delay ON, boosts my mids a little, and gives a slight volume boost either via my modeled amp volume or my master volume. I used to do this all the time on my old BOSS GT-series pedals (that have all broken now). Can this be done on the HD500x? Also, can someone please CONFIRM that there is no (or at least a miniscule) time lag between patch changes on the HD500x? Because, if the unit doesn't have the aforementioned footswitching capability, I can likely get by via simply having multiple patches and do the same thing (but I'd rather not). Thanks in advance and I hope that all you Line-6 gurus out there can make me switch over from BOSS!
  9. Regarding patch change lag with/without bluetooth, there is a noticeable lag even when NOT connected to bluetooth. :( Probably going to return mine since I'll be using it for live situations and this won't work for me.
  10. Hi Bond, I'm pretty much in the same boat as you are! I used an old BOSS GT-6 for years and it finally gave up the ghost on me. I've been vacillating between the Firehawk, HD500x, and GT-100 for a month now and finally tried out a Firehawk at my local Guitar Center (they made me put the thing on a table so I had to switch with my hands so I didn't notice the lag until I got home). Needless to say, I am VERY disappointed! I knew that I wasn't getting a looper & etc but come on! How can they roll this out as ready for live use? I feel cheated! Perhaps it can be fixed with a firmware upgrade but I don't want my 30 day money back guarantee to expire waiting on a patch that might be released! Furthermore, I do like to have control of EVERYTHING on my multi-effects units. The fact that there are 5 footswitches that ONLY control on/off status of effects = you have a glorified pedalboard and have to tap-dance within the patch to overcome the device's inherent lag between patches. I guess I'm just used to old school BOSS technology where I can assign ANY parameter to the control pedal. I'm no programmer but how difficult would it be to program these nicely colorful switches do something like "turn on delay, turn-off chorus, give 4db volume boost" when stepping on ONE footswitch (a la like I did all the time with my old GT-6) and save the tapdancing for my analog pedalboard! Anyway I'll stop complaining and start being hopefully constructive... I'm hoping that some of you will call me stupid and say, "hey man, you CAN do all this with the Firehawk...here's how!" So, in a nutshell what I want is this: (1) minimal to zero lag between patch changes is paramount (2) I would LIKE to be able to program multiple events to a single footswitch to save tapdancing (3) great tone. Will the HD500x give me all of this? I know that the GT-100 can do 1 and 2 but I was underwhelmed by its tone. Thanks in advance and thanks for listening to my rant...
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