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  1. bptrav

    Wah tone suck

    Thanks that was it! I guess I just assumed the on/off stuff would be assigned when you chose either wah/volume/etc. I guess that's why there's that saying about assuming. :) I had used the volume stuff before but obviously that doesn't (or shouldn't) mess with the tone at all. Your help is very much appreciated.
  2. bptrav

    Wah tone suck

    Yeah my issue is when I use the toeswitch under the wah it still seems to be on. With the wah assigned to EXP1 even when I switch to EXP2 (no wah) the wah is clearly still changing the tone even though the expression pedal no longer controls it. The only way to fully turn it off seems to be using FS1-8 assigning wah pedal to one of those. I'll have to look at those settings thanks.
  3. bptrav

    Wah tone suck

    I've just started trying to use the wah stuff on the HD500X but no matter what I do or which wah I use it seems to destroy the tone of the entire patch even at 0%? Is this normal? I can assign a regular toeswitch to completely turn off the wah but that's not the most convenient if I just want a quick bit of wah then off again. It specifically makes my tone very muddy and less treble, if that helps at all. The wah when I'm actually using it sounds good it's just ruining the tone when not using it. Do you just have to build patches from the start with the wah in mind instead of trying to add it or am I missing something?
  4. Thanks for the replies. I actually knew you could choose where to save a patch to but hadn't thought of saving a patch that I had already saved somewhere else. That will work fine since I mostly using a handful of patches right now and half my setlist was empty anyway. :)
  5. Does anyone know of a way of copying or moving patches on the hd500 itself without software? I find myself mostly using a few patches that are far apart from each other in my current set list and would like to put them closer together. I have a computer with the software to do it. I'm just wondering if it's possible on the device itself. Thanks
  6. Yep I even see a big difference between people my age (30) and people my younger brother's age (21). Virtually none of the music he and his friends listen to has guitar (or any real instruments) in it at all, so I'm not surprised young people aren't inspired to pick up an instrument and try to learn to play. Plus on top of that there are a million little things to distract people now...smart phones, social media, video games, movies on-demand, 100 hour TV series on-demand, etc. Don't get me wrong. I actually enjoy some electronic music, but I like the electronic music that is well....musical. Every time I hear some good electronic music I go look up more information about the artist, and invariably they learned to play piano/guitar/violin/etc when they were young then transitioned to electronic music (The Flashbulb for example). Too much EDM seems to skip that musicality part. Now get off my lawn! ;) It's already happening to some extent. Maybe not with the really popular "top40" music, but bands like of Montreal or Tame Impala have a nice mix of real instruments and electronic stuff. When of Montreal started they were just a straight up rock band too, but they have gradually included more electronic/synth sounds in their music. No dubstep WUBWUBWUB though, thankfully. :P
  7. I'm "only" 30 which seems to be young for this forum. I'm pretty new to playing guitar too. I messed around a bit with simple power chords back in high school (12+ years ago) but never really went beyond that. I just started playing guitar again last October. My music tastes are pretty eclectic, which is one of the big appeals of modelers for me, especially now that modelers can sound so good. In the past it was more of a trade-off between having a lot of mediocre tones or one good tone. Now you can have a lot of good tones and switch between them at will. :)
  8. Thanks that's exactly what I was wondering. I was trying to drag the mixer itself which wasn't working, and didn't even think of trying to drag the pedals for some reason.
  9. Thanks for the demo, and really nice playing! :)
  10. If you are using any user-created customtones then a mixer is almost a requirement it seems like to me. People use such vastly different setups (different pickups, different output connections, different master volume on the POD, different volume on their amp/monitors/PA, etc) that the volume difference from patch to patch can be dramatically different. For your own patches though you can usually get them all to similar volumes without a mixer, although it takes some tweaking (especially taking into account any volume differences various effects/pedals are causing). A mixer does make it a lot easier though, and if you are using multiple different setups I imagine leaving some headroom on the POD master volume would also help (as JTSC mentioned) P.S. I've had mine for 5 days so I'm certainly not an expert. This is just what I've found so far. Yeah I haven't figured that out either, although it sounds good to me in the default place (right after the amp). I've seen a couple user-created patches that have pedals between the amp and mixer though, so it must be possible. The vast majority seem to just place it right after the amp though, for whatever that's worth.
  11. It's cool to know you can do this (turn one effect/pedal on and one effect/pedal off) with 1 switch. I was actually just wondering this myself last night. :)
  12. Has anyone used the new amps in the Vintage pack much? I've only had my HD500X a couple days so obviously I have barely even scratched the surface of what I can do with it. I'll probably be exploring the sounds I can get out of it for awhile before I feel the need to buy more amps, but just for future reference I'm wondering if the new amps in the pack are "better" (subjective I know) in some way or are they just different? My favorite amps so far are AC30 and "Fenders", so that's what I am most interested in.
  13. I traded in my old amp and ended up buying it! Even just using some of the presets at the store and tweaking them a bit (usually turning overdone effects/distortion/etc down) I got better sounds out of my guitar than I ever have from my Spider II, so I can't even imagine how good it will sound once I actually figure the thing out. :) I listened to a bunch of youtube/soundcloud demos and comparisons first too, and the HD500X always sounded richer to me than anything even close to this price range. Some of the other multi-effect stuff around this price seem to have pretty good effects, but the amp/cabinet modelling leaves a lot to be desired compared to the HD500X from what I've heard, especially for clean to mid-gain tones (most of what I play). This is basically my entire rig so that's really important. That's pretty much all I've been doing since I got it home. It's amazing how many sounds you can get just out of the amp/cab/mic stuff, depending on the combination you use, and that's not even adding in all the pedals and settings/order of those, plus how they interact to your pickups/guitar. Some of the user made presets sound pretty great even without tweaking them too...others not so much. There is an "Acoustic (best)" one I downloaded that just sounds phenomenal. I can actually hear each note ringing out in the chords in a way I've never experienced before, at least not with me playing :lol: Even when adding in some distortion/fuzz pedals and stuff there is much more articulation of each note than I ever had before with the same amount of gain (for example I can play a full barre chord and it doesn't sound like a car wreck anymore). At the very least it has given me a lot of confidence that great tones are possible, I just need to figure out how to make some myself now. I really like the software for it too, night and day difference between that and trying to tweak with the buttons/knobs. There are a million settings of course but at least they make it easy to mess around with them.
  14. Thanks for the responses. Good to know there are some blank patches available by default. I couldn't actually find a list anywhere so I wasn't sure. Hopefully they'll let me try it for more than 5 minutes! I agree something this complicated I'm probably not going to get a "perfect" dialed in tone in that short amount of time, but I just want to get some sort of feel for it. Also right now I'm using a Line 6 Spider II, so the HD500X should be a huge step up from that. :) I'll be running the HD500X into my studio monitors and headphones.
  15. I'm going to be trying out a HD500X at guitar center tomorrow, and have read the Quick Start guide and watched a few youtube videos. One important thing that wasn't clear to me though is how do you make a new patch from scratch? If you scroll through the patches and setlists is that an option in one of them? Or do you just remove all the stuff out of an existing patch and do it that way? Keep in mind I will be demoing this at a store, so I will have to be using the physical controls not the software (which I will definitely end up using if/when I buy it). That's part of my problem trying to find youtube videos of it. Almost all of the videos use the software for editing.
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