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  1. I have a few things to try I want to use it for a "set" instead of my board and matchless but I'm nervous!
  2. I would like to be able to do this: 1. See all 8 possible presets when i step on bank up or bank down 2. when in a preset see the 4 snapshots for the preset on the top row 3. when in a preset see the 4 stomp boxes on botttom row I am halfway there I can do 2 and 3 but cannot do #1 When I hit bank up or down I only see 4 preset choices across the top row UNLESS I hit mode then do up/down Is that the only way to do this?
  3. @Kilrahi and the others thanks for your help, I know these seem like simple questions but this is all so new to me so many options and choices etc.
  4. OK I will work on that tonight then the answer to number 1 well i guess and 2. I did get one because I play at different churches and sometimes I can take a pedalboard and amp, sometimes i can take just a pedalboard but they don't like amps etc so I have a few choices now. 1 LT for just plug in and go 2 pedalboard and amp for ones that let me have a cab 3 pedalboard and hx stomp for amp sim I also grabbed a two notes captor so I can even plug my clubman into the captor then the captor into the hx stomp and use it for IRs only another silent option. On top of all of that I have had an H9 max for a while and honestly never really bonded with it, so the stomp may just take the place of the H9... TOO many options!
  5. Would I need to connect a cable to the send L/R in the scenario in the screen shot above? I also tried the attached method does that mix the two amps together or does it still just put one right into the other? Also I have been so impressed with this I got a Helix LT
  6. I'm getting closer but can the Stomp only have two paths?
  7. 2. How do I setup parallel paths? Two amps and two IRs just like I have two "live amps" now I run two cables from the bigsky one to my clubman one to my spitfire but would like to take my pedalboard and hx stomp and do the same thing but with no amps
  8. 1. Do IRs have an Ohm raiting? I guess I just plug the line out of the Captor into the line in of the HX Stomp with just that one IR loaded then use the out and i have a silent amp? 2. say I want to use my hx stomp as an amp but that's it no effects. i want to be able to run two amps instead of 1. i tried this but it was amp -> IR -> amp -> IR like it was in series not in parallel so yes two amps blended not in series 3. i guess i run everything in front of the amp now so that was what i was going to do i don't really understand how all this works to be totally honest, I am trying to learn, i have 3-4 distortion/modulation pedals and then 2/3 time based pedals i am trying to figure out how to kind of make it all work ... Thank you for your reply/help
  9. Are you going 1/4 cable to DI box or 1/4 with XLR adapter?
  10. Got the HX stomp pretty blown away already. Three things come to my mind for my use. 1. How can I set the HX Stomp to just model the IR and the IR only? This way I can plug my amp into the two notes captor, the captor into the HX Stomp and go. 2. How can I set the HX stomp to act as two amps only. I messed with this some but it looked like I was actually running amp -> IR -> amp -> IR like I was cascading or running amp into amp probably not what i want. 3. Can I use this on my pedal board with a dmc3xl and set it up so reverb from bigsky comes before the actual amp sounds? This may seem like simple rudimentary questions but this is all REALLY new to me.
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